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UMUI STASH errors with >512 items and >300 user prognostics

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UM Version: 8.4



I'm trying to diagnose an issue with UKCA, and to do so I have coded up a lot of extra diagnostics. To fit all these in, I have increased the number of items allowed in a section from 512 to 999 - see changes to wstlst.F90 and version.h in changeset #19812.

If I try to use a user pre-STASHmaster file with a STASH item >512 I get the following error from the STASHmaster file panel in the vn8.4 UMUI when I click the CLOSE button:

user-STASHmaster file <...> includes items with too large an item number: XXX ...

where XXX is the first item number that is too large (in my case, 521).

I can close this panel by using the X in the top-right corner, and this then allows the STASH diagnostic to be output through STASH in the usual way.

However, I now have a further problem. I cannot now open the Initialisation of User Prognostics Panel, as this has the error:

ERROR: Too many prognostics. Maximum is 300.

The reason that there are so many is that UKCA diagnostics in Section34 are classed as Prognostic by the UMUI, even when they are not (as some items in that section ARE prognostic). This has been fixed at later UM versions (by using a different STASH section) but not here.

Is there a way around the UMUI to allow me to have more than 300 items? I can't see anything in the code which seems to limit this. Is it just to keep the dumps to a manageable size? As these fields are not needed in the dumps, they don't usually appear there when running.

Another option is to move to another STASH section, but I'd rather see if there is a way around the UMUI first, if possible.


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Actually, thinking about it, I think that it's best to use a new section, as it will solve both problems.

I can move the STASH numbers of the diagnostics in the range s34i513..s34i999 to, e.g. s50i013...s50i499, by taking off 500 from each item number. I'll try section 50 initially as this is what UKCA uses at later UM versions, and I think that the changeset that allowed up to 999 items should also allow for >44 sections.


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