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ECMWF operational data

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Hello, I'm interesed about running an experiment in a limited area for March 2006. I'm still quite new using the UM but I already have done some experiments using the start dump files for the UM version 6.1 in hector but I would like to move forward and do some experiments using more components and the date I'm interesed in. How can access these files? Thanks

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sorry I forgot to add that in order to get ECMWF start dumps from ECMWF operational data the UM homepage sugest to contact the helpdesk to get these data.

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The use of ECMWF start dumps is only necessary when you can't get the corresponding start dump from the Met Office. Is there a reason why you need ECMWF data? If you let me know what dates you require I can get Met Office data for you.

For the record, can you let me know what project you're working on? Also it would be useful to know where you are based and the name of your supervisor.


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Hello Willie, thank you for the prompty reply, I have been looking into Hector about any file with a starting dump for March 2006 since I was doing some regional modelling previously in the NW of the Sahara. My initial intention is to run a global experiment since I'm still getting familiar with the procedure to get ancillary data for running a LAM experiment. I would really appreciate if you can get Met Office data for this date.

I'm based in the Department of Geography at UCL and my supervisor's name is Martin Todd. Lois kindly assigned me an account for using UM as part of NCAS project.



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Thanks. I need to know specific dates and times you require: a Met office start dump for 1/Mar/2006 at 0 UTC is typically about 1.5Gbytes. It is no problem to get several different dates and times but it will take several days. Also, which NCAS project are you working on?


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I just need a start dump for 4th March 0 UTC until 11th March 23:00UTC.

I'm working with the radiative effect of mineral dust, as far as I know NCAS is a project by itself at least to access Hector platform in which I have access as a NCAS non-NERC funded user.

Thank you very much

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I have put two start dumps, 20060304_qwqu06.T+3 and 20060304_qwqu06.T+6, on HECToR in $UMDIR/vn6.1/dumps/weather/global. These are all that are available from the Met Office on the day of the 4th March 2006. These are the start dumps from the operational update run 0600UTC. It takes about half a day to get this. To get data at intermediate times, you should run the UM. Other dates in march are obtainable.

NCAS is a gigantic organisation that runs many projects (AMMA, CASCADE, GFdeX etc) and I am required to maintain a log of who has asked for Met Office data. This log includes the name of the project, so it would be helpful if you could provide this.


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