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UMATMOS build failed

Reported by: ggxmy Owned by: um_support
Component: UM Model Keywords:
Cc: Platform: ARCHER
UM Version: 8.4


My UM job tdziu is identical to tdzit that runs OK, except that tdziu contains some code changes in UM/atmosphere/UKCA/ukca_mode_setup.f90. The compilation of tdziu failed and left messages like below;

# Time taken:            2 s=> ftn -o urbanz0.o -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/inc -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/base
repos/JULES/inc -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/baserepos/UMATMOS/inc -e m -h noomp -s real64 -s integer64 -hflex_mp=intolerant
-I /work/n02/n02/hum/gcom/cce8.3.7/gcom5.1/archer_cce_mpp/inc     -h omp -c /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/ppsrc/jules/sr
mv urbanz0.o /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/obj
# Time taken:          156 s=> gmake -f /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/Makefile -j 6 all
cd /home2/n02/n02/masara/umui_runs
->Make: 156 seconds
->TOTAL: 313 seconds
UMATMOS build failed

I tried again and got a bit different messages;

# Time taken:            7 s=> ftn -o diagnostics_conv.o -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/inc -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/baserepos/JULES/inc -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/baserepos/UMATMOS/inc -e m -h noomp -s real64 -s integer64 -hflex_mp=intolerant -I /work/n02/n02/hum/gcom/cce8.3.7/gcom5.1/archer_cce_mpp/inc     -h omp -c /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/atmosphere/convection/diagnostics_conv.f90
mv diagnostics_conv.o /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/obj
gmake -f /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/Makefile -j 6 all failed (2) at /fs2/n02/n02/hum/software/fcm-2015.05.0/bin/../lib/FCM1/ line 611
Build failed on Wed Oct 14 19:18:59 2015.
# Time taken:           29 s=> ftn -o glue_rad.o -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/inc -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/baserepos/JULES/inc -I/home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/baserepos/UMATMOS/inc -e m -h noomp -s real64 -s integer64 -hflex_mp=intolerant -I /work/n02/n02/hum/gcom/cce8.3.7/gcom5.1/archer_cce_mpp/inc     -h omp -c /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/atmosphere/radiation_control/glue_rad.f90
mv glue_rad.o /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/obj
# Time taken:           35 s=> gmake -f /home/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziu/umatmos/Makefile -j 6 all
cd /home2/n02/n02/masara/umui_runs
->Make: 35 seconds
->TOTAL: 42 seconds
UMATMOS build failed

Can you see a problem? .leave files are ARCHER:/home/n02/n02/masara/output/tdziu-286210317.2015101?-??????.comp.leave

Could you have a look at this job?

Thank you.

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comment:1 follow-up: Changed 5 years ago by willie

Hi Masaru,

I can't see any errors or warnings. If you're compiling on the command line, be aware than ARCHER will terminate the command if it takes more than 10-15 minutes. These are best submitted to the serial queue. Try doing a fresh build.

PS: The UMUI does not like job descriptions longer than the input box length. That's why you're getting

Basis db variable JOBDESC in segment ', but should be in segment p1.
Basis db variable USERID in segment ', but should be in segment p1.

when you open the job.



comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by ros

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Hi Masaru,

There is a possibility that this problem could be related to you exceeding your /work quota after ARCHER reinstated the quota system yesterday. I have requested a slight change in your quota to bring you back under. This will take a little while to come into effect. Once it has, please try submitting again and let us know if this problem persists.


comment:3 in reply to: ↑ 1 Changed 5 years ago by ggxmy

Replying to willie:

Thank you Willie for your advice.

The compilation fails before it is terminated. It also takes shorter than other successful compilations. So I think this is not the problem in this case.

Could these warnings be related to the compilation failure? I made the description much shorter but am still getting these messages for some reason…


comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by ggxmy

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I just found the messages like below, which may have been either not shown or overlooked by me previously.

ftn-232 crayftn: ERROR UKCA_MODE_ALLCP_4MODE, File = ../../../../../../../home2/n02/n02/masara/um/tdziv/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/atmosphere/UKCA/ukca_mode_setup.f90, Line = 372, Column = 58
  IMPLICIT NONE is specified in the local scope, therefore an explicit type must be specified for function "MM_AER".

So basically I simply added a declaration of mm_aer at the top of the module like this;


Now the job seems to compile OK at least.

Thank you.

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