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No land points problem when reconfiguring from MOGREPS-G to Global grid

Reported by: sam89 Owned by: um_support
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Cc: Platform: MONSooN
UM Version: 8.2


I have a MOGREPS-G job which I am trying to reconfigure onto a Global
grid however when doing the build job using the MOGREPS-G startdump the
run does not work as it is saying there are no land points in the
startdump. This is because there is no land-sea mask or orography
included in the start dump which I took off MASS. I thought it would be
solved by including the path to the Global ancillary files (since I am
trying to reconfigure to that resolution). To do this I copied the path
from another job and this was


The same error came up after running this build job using these file

Do you know how to fix this error?
Or is the path extentsion wrong for the ancillary files?

The umui job is xlrwc.



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I've never seen a start dump like /projects/diamet/saclar/ensemble_00.pp1 before - is it even a start dump (the header says otherwise)?

If you want to reconfigure a mask, typically, you'd need to include the field in atmosphere→ ancillary and input…→ other ancillary files…→ land-sea-mask and similarly for other fields.


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comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by sam89

Hi Grenville

I was wondering if you have access to MASS? I can't work out which of the files for the day I am investigating is the right file as the start dump. I thought I worked it out but you should that file has the wrong headers to be a start dump.
There seem to be 4 types of files
… .pp_006 : these files have 3 times 03,06,09 in so that seems to me as if it isn't the start dump
… .T+6 : these files are not a global domain, again suggesting not a start dump
…. .pp1 : these are the same as the file you looked at and said the header isn't a startdump.
… .pp2_T+3 : i am unsure about these files

If you are able to see MASS check out moose:/opfc/atm/mogreps-g/rerun/201207.file/20120705*

I just need to be able to work out which is the correct start dump files to use for my ensemble jobs and then work out where the ancillary files are located on CRAY for a global job.



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I don't have mass access, but … .T+6 is familiar as a dump extension.


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