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Archiving to MASS on xcm via moose in v7.3 UKCA CheT+GLOMAPnitrate

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Cc: Platform: MONSooN
UM Version: 7.3


I am trying to get a nitrate-UKCA job from the IBM MONSOON
running on the Cray MONSOON (xcm).

The job is my xlypa which is a copy of Claudia Steadman's
job xlsfe which she was trying to port across from her
original xlryc job from the IBM MONSOON.

The xlypa job now compiles OK and I think it is now completing it's reconfiguration OK. But it is failing with "mknod" error

qsexecute: mknod fails to create pipe to archiving system.

See on MONSOON the file:


This sounds like an archiving error and probably because the
job was set to archive to the /nerc disk on the IBM MONSOON
but that no longer exists on the Cray MONSOON.

I am going to retry switching off the archiving to see whether
the job then runs OK.

But I guess what I need to do is set the job to archive instead
to MASS via moose. But I don't know how to set that up to
do so on xcm

I looked back at my emails as I recalled encountering this
particular error on ARCHER — and indeed I see Hannah Pearce
(PhD student at Leeds) had this error when she was first
switching on the archiving with the ARCHER-equivalent of this
v7.3-UKCA-GLOMAPnitrate job.

From the NCAS-CMS ticket 1580 it looks like Annette Osprey
advised on this:

and I see from Luke's porting notes on the UKCA website for
the v7.3 CheS job:

That in his xcm-ported xlsjf he uses a hand-edit from Annette:


But I just did an ls on that and that file no longer seems
to exist.

I see in Annette's directory there is a file:


which has comment it is v7.3 MONSOON archiving.

Please can you advise whether or not I have found the right hand-edit there?

And also how one goes about activating that in a v7.3 job?

Does one also have to add in the hector_monsoon_archiving branch
or is that already taken care of via the hand edit?

Thanks for your help


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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by ros

Hi Graham,

We have a section on archiving on the XCM for the various UM versions on the Collaboration Twiki:


comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by gmann

Hi Ros,

I just had a look at those pages.

I went through the bullet point list of items for the atmos-only
v7.3 job and those changes have all already been carried out in the job xlypa.

I think Claudia must have followed those instructions to set that up.

And those changes won't fix this mknod error.

As per my message it looks like Annette has a different branch/hand-edit than
the one used in the xlypa job — so maybe I need to use that — but as I say,
I don't know how to activate that in the job — just hand-edit or also a branch?


comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by annette


On that page there is also an archiving section, which lists the branch and hand-edit needed for vn7.3:

Luke has spotted an issue with archiving at 7.3 which means that climate mean files aren't being archived properly. We are looking into this.


comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by gmann

Hi Annette,
Oh right — sorry — don't know how I missed that.
I'll try that then.

comment:5 Changed 5 years ago by ros

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