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Archiving failure

Reported by: dschro Owned by: annette
Component: Archiving Keywords:
Cc: Platform: MONSooN
UM Version: 8.6


I can continue my old job on xcm now, but the archiving doesn't work — probably due to a wrong directory for the STASHmaster file. Any idea?
See below or /home/dschro/output/xlttf000.xlttf.d15331.t220708.archive.leave

/projects/um1/vn8.0/ctldata/STASHmaster does not exist, should be vn8.6 instead of vn8.0.


TMPDIR=JOBTEMP= /scratch/jtmp/pbs.321069.xcm00.x8z
The command to archive is : moo put -f -vv -c=umpp /projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may moose:crum/xlttf/ape.pp/xlttfa.pe2014may.pp
Moose error: user-error (see Moose docs). Return code = 2
stdout: ### put, command-id=211678696, estimated-cost=604041216byte(s), files=1
### task-id=0, estimated-cost=604041216byte(s), resource=/projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may
### 2015-11-30 12:35:02 GMT: polled server for ready tasks: #0
; stderr: /projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may: (ERROR_CLIENT_FILE_FORMAT_CONVERTER) cannot convert file format.
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STDOUT:
[INFO] Using precision: 32
[INFO] File(1): /projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may
[WARN] Using default STASHmaster as none provided "/projects/um1/vn8.0/ctldata/STASHmaster".

+ dirname /opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc/umpp2pp.ksh
+ here=/opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc
+ [ /projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may '==' -o ]
+ operational=''
+ input=/projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may
+ output=/scratch/dschro/xlttfa.pe2014may3709185528395248730.tmp
+ . /opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc/platform_environ
+ dirname /opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc/umpp2pp.ksh
+ EXEC=/opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc
+ export EXEC
+ IEEE=/opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc/um-convieee
+ export IEEE
+ CONVPP=/opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc/um-convpp
+ export CONVPP
+ UMDIR=/projects/um1
+ export UMDIR
+ TMPDIR=/scratch/jtmp/pbs.321069.xcm00.x8z
+ export TMPDIR
+ MKTEMP=mktemp
+ export MKTEMP
+ ulimit -s unlimited
+ mktemp -d '--tmpdir=/scratch/dschro'
+ CONV_TMPDIR=/scratch/dschro/tmp.4tDmIiRanE
+ export CONV_TMPDIR
+ [ ! -d /scratch/dschro/tmp.4tDmIiRanE ]
+ rm /scratch/dschro/xlttfa.pe2014may3709185528395248730.tmp
+ 2> /dev/null
+ /opt/ukmo/mass/moose-monsoon-client-latest/bin/xc40-ffc/um-convieee -32 /projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may /scratch/dschro/tmp.4tDmIiRanE/
[FAIL] STASHMaster directory "/projects/um1/vn8.0/ctldata/STASHmaster" does not exist
[FAIL] Problem with CONVIEEE program
+ ERR=1
+ [ -d /scratch/dschro/tmp.4tDmIiRanE ]
+ rm -r /scratch/dschro/tmp.4tDmIiRanE
+ exit 1
: /projects/jsimp/dschro/xlttf/xlttfa.pe2014may
put: failed (2)

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by annette

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We think the reason that the archiving scripts are picking up the wrong UM STASHmaster is because of a variable set in the user's .profile:

export VN=8.0

David, please get back to us if this doesn't solve the problem.


comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by annette

I assume this fixed it so I'm closing the ticket.


comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by annette

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