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Running UM 6.1 on Hector - standard mesoscale runs

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Regarding email message from Bethan White (below), we have now solved this my using Steven Pickerings .profile. It still doesn't run though - but this may be to do with todays problems with Hector?


Bethan Whites (eebaw) email 20 Oct 15:15:43
I am trying to run the standard UM 6.1 experiments (from on Hector. I have copied these experiments and
changed the target machine user ID and Mail ID to my Hector user ID.

When I 'Check Setup' I get the following message:
List Check Error in window subindep_UMCET
Variable: ENSEMBLE

→ Model Selection

→ Sub-Model Independent

→ Ensemble set-up

When I go to the window subindep_UMCET, all fields are empty. However, on closing this window and
re-checking, this error no longer appears.

I have then saved and processed the job. However, when I submit it I get the following error
umui_runs/xdlua-294151545/SUBMIT:/etc/profile.d/[21]: whence: -t: unknown option

umui_runs/xdlua-294151545/SUBMIT[10]:.:/vn6.1/normal/scripts/.umsetvars_6.1: not found

Could you tell me what these error messages mean and how I can address them?

Also, the Tic Code for the job is n02. Gerry Devine suggested that this may no longer be a valid
code. If this is the case, do you know what I should do?

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Your job, or rather Bethan's job, xdlua may still not work because she has speficied the wrong TIC code.

On HECToR each user is assigned a subgroup. These are the current subgroups
n02-clim (For NCAS core climate work)
n02-weat (for all the NCAS weather modelling)
n02-chem (for NCAS chemistry research together with UKCA)
n02-cms (For NCAS modelling support)
n02-ncas (for researchers enable by NCAS but not directly funded by NERC: PhD students, EU funded…)
n02-bas (for British Antarctic Survey)
n02-nceo (for NCEO users only)
n02-qesm (for NERC funded QUEST/QESM)
n02-sol (for the SOLCLI project)
n02-hgem (for UJCC/Higem)
n02-casc (for the CASCADE project)

Currently Bethan is in the n02-ncas subgroup so this is what she should be using for her UM TIC code. To check which groups users are in, use the command groups on HECToR.


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