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STASH items 2-207 and 407

Reported by: ggxmy Owned by: um_support
Component: UM Model Keywords: STASH 2-207 2-407 surface radiative forcing
Cc: gmann, pringle Platform: ARCHER
UM Version: 8.4


This is related to #1734. I've been trying to request STASH item 2-407, LW surface downward forcing. I think this is quite a basic and important quantity required to evaluate the surface forcing. However, the conclusion of #1734 is that code changes are needed to output this diagnostic.

I've learned Fiona O'Connor's branch (fcm:um/branches/dev/Share/HG6.6.3_ozone_dblecall_3c_UKMO r20430) contains code changes to request 2-405. So I followed that and made changes in my working copy (puma: ~ggxmy/Branches/vn8.4_UKCA_icescavupd_fromJMscav_MY_test2 ).

Well, I didn't know what I was doing, I just tried anyway. But to my surprise, the job, teafn, ran OK and STASH 2-407 is in the output (ARCHER: /work/n02/n02/masara/Dumps/teafn/teafna.pm2007dec ). The only problem is the value is zero everywhere. But I noticed that 2-207 also has value zero everywhere… I think I need to fix the problem in 2-207 first or otherwise there is no way to obtain correct values of 2-407.

It looks to me like lw_down is the variable name in the code and it is calculated in glue_rad.f90, just like other variables. The built code is in ARCHER:/home/n02/n02/masara/um/teafn/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/ . Does any of you have any idea how to get the right values of 2-207 and 407?

Or if you can suggest another way to evaluate radiative forcing at the surface, that would also be great.


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I've had another look at the available diagnostics and may have come up with a solution which does require extra coding. There is a diagnostic, 2218, which is "Downward LW Flux on Levels". If you configure this in the STASH window to output on level 1, which is the surface, then the output is identical to 2207. There is an equivalent 2418 STASH item for the second call, which can be configured in the same way. Have a look at my job, xmeia. I have run this this job (with 2407 turned off) for 5 days without any issues.


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Hi Simon,

Oh, that's a great idea! Also it's a shame of me that I was requesting 2-417 at TOA and didn't come up with an idea of requesting 2-418 at surface! I just added a request to 2-218 and 418 to my new job and submitted it. I hope it works. Thanks so much.


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It worked. Thank you for your help!


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