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"rosie go" crashes on search

Reported by: swr05npk Owned by: annette
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I suspect this is really a Met Office issue, but I don't know where to file a bug report for Rose.

You can crash "rosie go" on puma very easily, using the following steps:

  1. Load the GUI
  2. Highlight a job
  3. Enter a search string that returns no results (e.g., "gargle bargle fargle").

"rosie go" will crash with a stack trace:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/fcm/rose-2015.06.0/lib/python/rosie/browser/", line 602, in handle_activation
  File "/home/fcm/rose-2015.06.0/lib/python/rosie/browser/", line 1373, in update_toolbar_sensitivity
    has_output = self.handle_view_output(test=True)
  File "/home/fcm/rose-2015.06.0/lib/python/rosie/browser/", line 1017, in handle_view_output
    id_ = SuiteId(id_text=self.get_selected_suite_id(path))
  File "/home/fcm/rose-2015.06.0/lib/python/rosie/", line 330, in __init__
    raise SuiteIdTextError(None)
rosie.suite_id.SuiteIdTextError: None: invalid suite ID

I suspect that this is because the application expects to have a job highlighted in the viewer window, but there is no job to highlight because the search returns no results. There appears to be no trap for this condition, so the application just crashes.

I am filing this here, because I managed to crash the application ~5 times in the first hour I was using it before I realised what was happening. I am sure that others will do the same and wonder why.

I am happy to report this to the Met Office if you tell me where their Rose bug tracker lives.

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Hi Nick,

Looks like this is fixed at later Rose versions. Try using the latest release we have on puma which is 2015.10.1. In a terminal run:

export ROSE_VERSION=2015.10.1

We try to keep the default versions of Rose, cylc and FCM the same as the Met Office have set on MONSooN, and for some time Rose was set to 2015.06.0. However I've noticed they've recently jumped up to 2015.12.0 so I will install this and update our defaults.

By the way, we have decided to move away from using modules for Rose/cylc/FCM on Archer. Can you remove any lines like the following in your .profile:

module use $UMDIR/modules
module load cylc
module load rose
module load fcm

And add the following:

export PATH=$PATH:$UMDIR/software/bin

For future reference, you can report bug fixes to the Met Office through the FCM team (who are also the Rose developers) via fcm AT, or you can file a bug report on their github site:

I will look at your other Rose-related tickets shortly…


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