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modify_CICE_header no longer working

Reported by: dilshadshawki Owned by: annette
Component: NEMO/CICE Keywords: modify_CICE_header
Cc: Platform: MONSooN
UM Version: <select version>


Hi Annette,

For some reason, the modify_CICE_header tool gives me the error message 'Illegal instruction' and this happens after I enter the new value for time. It has been working fine up until now, but for some reason it no longer works :-( Do you know what could be going on? See below the procedure I have always taken but now with the error message:

[dshawk@exppostproc01:~/startdumps/xlzcj]$ /home/aospre/bin/modify_CICE_header
 Enter input file name:
 Enter output file name:

 Please enter the name of the grid used in this file
 choose from ORCA2, ORCA1, ORCA025, CUSTOM (note case)

 Enter the value of oceanmixed_ice 'T' or 'F'
 oceanmixed_ice = .true.

 Time header variables:
 istep0:  183360
 time:  518400000.
 time_forc:  0.

 Enter new value for istep0 [N for no change]:
 Enter new value for time [N for no change]:
Illegal instruction

Many thanks,

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by annette

Hi Dilshad,

I built the application for running on the login nodes on the XCM (xcml00) and this still works for me. The architecture of the postproc must be different, which is why it doesn't work there. For ORCA1 files at least, the program runs pretty quickly, so I think it's OK to run on the login nodes. I'd suggest doing this unless you have a specific reason for using postproc.

Best regards,

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by dilshadshawki

Hi Annette,

Thanks for pointing this out, you were right, I was logged into postproc and that's why it wasn't working. Thank you again and sorry to bother you on such a tiny issue.


comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by annette

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No worries.


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