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Running standard suite, FCM_make fails

Reported by: mattjbr123 Owned by: annette
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Cc: Platform: MONSooN
UM Version: 10.4



I'm in the process of learning how to use Rose to run UM tasks/suites on Monsoon. I've been through the Rose tutorial ( and the getting started on Monsoon page on the Twiki ( Now I'm attempting to follow this tutorial which involves running a standard suite:, and I have also been through the repository password caching/subversion page referenced by that tutorial:

However I've fallen when I actually try to run the standard suite
after checking it out successfully I get the following error in the fcm_make task:

/home/mabro/cylc-run/u-aa003/log/job/1/fcm_make/01/job: line 148: /usr/local/bin/prg_ifort-12.0: No such file or directory
Received signal ERR
cylc (scheduler - 2016-07-29T14:41:13Z): CRITICAL Task job script received signal ERR at 2016-07-29T14:41:13Z
cylc (scheduler - 2016-07-29T14:41:13Z): CRITICAL failed at 2016-07-29T14:41:13Z

which basically tells me it can't find one of the compiler programmes, perhaps because my setup isn't quite right or that standard job is actually designed for people within the metoffice. I'm trying to run it from exvmsrose.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!


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Hi Matt,

Try using u-aa345. It's equivalent to the tutorial suite but set up for MONSooN.


comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by mattjbr123

Great, thanks - that worked, however I did have to comment out
the -P umadmin bit in the suite.rc file code below

           -W umask = 0022
           -P umadmin
        [[[job submission]]]
           method = pbs

as this was causing fcm_make2 to fail at the qsub submission stage, as the user 'umadmin' apparently wasn't valid. I think by commenting it out it uses the username of the user who actually submitted it (i.e. me) and it seemed to like that.


comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by annette

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Hi Matt,

The -P line specifies the project. It's often fine to leave out, as you've found, but in some situations the system can't work it out properly (e.g. if you are in two projects as I am).

It should probably be set by a Rose variable though, rather than hard-code in the suite.rc file so I'll update that.


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