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Moose - cannot archive (error 2)

Reported by: s.mangeon Owned by: ros
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Cc: Platform: MONSooN
UM Version: 8.4


Good afternoon,

I had a run prepared to run for 15 years (um8.4, nudged, 1997-2012 with monthly varying emission fields) - xmegh.

However I have just realized archiving was failing (and the run stopped after 1 year). When I open the archive.leave it states the following error message (which is repeated for every file it tried to archive:

mkset command:  ['moo mkset -v moose:crum/xmegh']
Mkset: system error, return code 2
stdout: ; stderr: mkset command-id=267756034 failed: (SSC_TASK_REJECTION) one or more tasks are rejected.
  moose:/crum/xmegh: (TSSC_PROJECT_NAME_REQUIRED) A project name must be specified.
mkset: failed (2)
TMPDIR=JOBTEMP= /scratch/jtmp/pbs.600000.xcm00.x8z
The command to archive is : moo put -f -vv -c=umpp /projects/nautica/smange/xmegh/xmegha.pa19970131 moose:crum/xmegh/apa.pp/xmegha.pa19970131.pp
Moose error: user-error (see Moose docs). Return code = 2
stdout: ; stderr: put command-id=267756042 failed: (SSC_TASK_REJECTION) one or more tasks are rejected.
  /projects/nautica/smange/xmegh/xmegha.pa19970131 -> moose:/crum/xmegh/apa.pp/xmegha.pa19970131.pp: (TSSC_SET_DOES_NOT_EXIST) no such data set.
put: failed (2)

Not deleting un-archived file: xmegha.pa19970131

I wonder two things:
1 - How come this happened?
2 - Can I manually archive the files from XCM to MOOSE in order to free up the space? Thankfully it appears files were kept in projects/nautica/smange/xmegh/


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Hi Stephane,

Before you can archive to MASS for a new run on MONSooN you need to manually run the "mkset" command to create the set in MASS.

So assuming you wish to archive under the Nautica project you would run.

moo mkset -v moose:crum/xmegh -p=project-nautica

I see you are also part of group ukca-imp so if you were wanting to archive to that project in future you would use -p project-ukca in the above command.

Once you've created the set as above you can then manually run the commands as seen in your archive.leave file. E.g.

moo put -f -vv -c=umpp /projects/nautica/smange/xmegh/xmegha.pa19970131 moose:crum/xmegh/apa.pp/xmegha.pa19970131.pp


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