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STASH section 17 diagnostics

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UM Version: 8.4



I'd like to output some additional fluxes, and I believe section 17 is the best place to do this, because the code I'm modifying is associated with CLASSIC aerosol code, and it's easy to pass the variables to the CLASSIC aerosol diagnostic routine. I've succeeded in overwriting one of the existing diagnostics with a new flux, but am having trouble getting two others to work (I suspect there is a switch turning them off somewhere). I'd appreciate some pointers toward either switching them on, or understanding which other diagnostics I could use.

The one that works:
I overwrote the value in the 17 257 diagnostic, and the output looks right.

What didn't work:
I tried overwriting 17 234 and 235. I chose these because I'm not interested in what's stored in them (dust contribution to PM), and they show up as available in the STASH diagnostic table in the UMUI.

The code for the diagnostics is in:

I assigned the same variable f_nh3_ocean_atm to 235 and 257. In the output /projects/ukca-ed/clstea/xmvcg/xmvcga.pa19991201 17257 contains valid values for the flux, and 17235 contains all 0s. (17 234 also contains all 0s.)

I'd like to understand why this isn't working so that I can choose appropriate slots where the diagnostic will work and get the diagnostic output I'm looking for.

Thank you,

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Hi Claudia,

I'm guessing here, but I think the dust and your new fluxes may be competing with each other. Dust is still switched on so if there are no PM10 particles (17,234), your fluxes will be suppressed. Ditto for 17, 235. On the other hand 17,257 is a total dust diagnostic and so is not filtered.

Perhaps switching off the prognostic mineral dust scheme in Sect 17 would help?

The STASH issues identified by check setup and verify STASH can be resolved by deleting profiles and diagnostics that are not used.


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