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failure to get annual means pp files for a HadCM3 control run on Hector

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I am not able to have proper annual mean on a standard HadCM3 control run. The job is xdocb. I have set run length=1year and in the Usge Profile for UPMEAN and UPSYX I have specified 2 climate mean period, i.e. as you can see in Atmosphere/Control/Post? Processing,Dumping&Meaning/Dumping?&Meaning:
Restart Dump every 180 days.

The wrong pp files a I get are something like: xdocba.pmc9dec xdocbo.pmc9dec

and xdocba@pam89dc,xdocba@pcm90c1, xdocbo@pdm90c1,xdocbo@phm89dc,xdocbo@pjm89dc, which are not what I expect.

My username on puma is salvatore; the job is xdocb

Where am I wrong in th set up of my job?

Many thanks in advance

Salvatore Pascale
University of Reading
Department of Meteorology

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Hi Salvatore

Your runs are only 30 days long, thats why you don't get annual means. You have set the run length to be 1 year but in umui window

Sub-model Independent → Job submission, resources and re-submission pattern

click on the NEXT button and you can see you have set up the model to run in 1 month chunks, either turn off this panel (top left button) or set the chunk size to be 1 year.


comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by salvatore

As far as the job xdocb is concerned, the proper annual means still fail to come out. I have done what suggested in xdocb in Job Resources and re-submission—>Specify .. =1 year and in xdocc
I have turned off on the top left. But I got files like :

compile.xdocb xdocb.fort6.pe12 xdocb.fort6.pe7 xdocba@pam90jn
recon_compile.xdocb xdocb.fort6.pe13 xdocb.fort6.pe8 xdocba@pcm90c1
xdocb.astart xdocb.fort6.pe14 xdocb.fort6.pe9 xdocbo@dam9061
xdocb.exec xdocb.fort6.pe15 xdocb.out xdocbo@pdm90c1
xdocb.exec.parexe.10981 xdocb.fort6.pe2 xdocb.pphist xdocbo@phm90jn
xdocb.fort6.pe0 xdocb.fort6.pe3 xdocb.recon xdocbo@pjm90jn
xdocb.fort6.pe1 xdocb.fort6.pe4 xdocb.requests
xdocb.fort6.pe10 xdocb.fort6.pe5 xdocb.thist
xdocb.fort6.pe11 xdocb.fort6.pe6 xdocba@dam9061

Many thanks in advance

Salvatore Pascale
University of Reading
Department of Meteorology

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Hi Salvatore

If you look in your output files you will see this line

⇒> PBS: job killed: walltime 3606 exceeded limit 3600

So you have exceeded the job time, you need to increase this if you want to run a full year.


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