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Running WRF

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I'm helping colleagues at Glasgow with a proposal — providing climate modelling expertise. I think we need to do some regional modelling. In particular drive a regional model with reanalysis boundary conditions. My sense is that WRF (rather than what ever regional model is part of the UM) is the way to do. How much support is there for WRF on archer? Any thing else I should know….


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WRF is run in ARCHER primarily by the Leeds and Manchester groups - both groups are self supporting and appear to function well; CMS has virtually no involvement.

I cam provide contacts at Leeds/Manchester? if that'd helpful.


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Hi Grenville,

that would would be great.

As an alternative is there a HadGEM3-GA6 regional model that is well used and supported?


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Hi Simon,

I don’t know about a local GA6, but the SWAMMA/VERA config used by Willie over Africa is GA2 which may be acceptable. Alternatively, there is the regional model in the nesting suite, but I'm unsure as to whether they run climate config in it. I think it's currently only NWP.
I'm not too sure that the final GA6/GA7 config actually exists at the moment, but I currently finding out for another project (over Antarctica).
The forthcoming IMPALA config will be either GA6 or GA7.

Of course, there's always PRECIS, which will take about 5 minutes to get running!


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Hi Simon,

thanks. Um — sounds like WRF is the way to go. PRECIS is probably no longer state-of-the-art though might be good enough for our purposes!


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I've done some digging. The GA6/GA7 model works, as does generating ERA LBCs. Generating other types of LBCs are more problematic. The configs only exist inside the Met Office. Getting it running, and generating ERA LBCs (via the reconfiguration) will require significant resources (at least 2-3 person weeks I would say).


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