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Access to MONSooN from PUMA

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Cc: Platform: MONSooN
UM Version: 8.5



I'm trying to launch a job from PUMA to MONSooN with the UMUI for vn8.5 - GA6.
I just copied-pasted a simple job from another user that have a configuration from close to what I want (job: xjqgb)

First, I'm not sure what the Target Machine root extract directory should be? I suppose I should install it somewhere in my home directory on PUMA?
Also, I don't know how to define the MONSooN NERC Archive.

I submitted with the default configuration (just changing my user ID for monsoon), and when I was asked to enter the password I entered the MONSooN password (key phrase + fog) but I got a connexion time out, so it seemed it was not recognised?
(I tried to connect on MONSooN by ssh and it worked fine)

Finally, is there a way to use quick job submission?
And how can I access the UMUI tools (like xconv) on MONSooN?

I suppose most of these questions are on the Wiki but I couldn't find them.

Nicolas Freychet

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Hi Nicolas,

Job xjqgb is set up for the old IBM MONSooN. There are other copies of that GA6 standard job already set up for the current Cray XC40. I'm just testing the standard job I ported over for other people as I've not run it for ages, just to check it still works and once I've done that I'll send you the job id.

In the meantime you will need to setup ssh-agent to allow submission to MONSooN. The details are here:

I'll answer your other questions when I send you the job id to copy.


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Hi Nicolas,

Please take a copy of my job xlpoh.

The "Target machine root extract directory" is a directory on MONSooN where the build will be done. This should be set to a directory under your /projects workspace (e.g. /projects/lotus/nifre)

There is no "MONSooN NERC Archive" on the XC40 this applied to the old MONSooN. The only archive available on MONSooN is the Met Office MASS archive. If your project will be archiving to MASS you will need to request access to MASS from the MONSooN team. (monsoon AT

I don't understand what you mean by "quick job submission". The only way to submit UMUI jobs to MONSooN is via the UMUI on PUMA.

You will find xconv under $UMDIR/bin


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