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Incomplete archiving of NEMO/CICE on Archer from Rose

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My two suites (u-ak984 and u-al390) are now running and resubmitting on Archer, and both have now completed a year of three-month cycles.

The archiving appears to be almost working: the output files from CICE and the iceberg trajectories are now archived to the respective directories on the RDF, along with the restart files, but the ocean model output files remain in the History_Data directory in /work.

I'm not sure whether the postprocessing for these files is working optimally either, as I get a single T/U/V/W file for each cycle, containing three time levels, where I would prefer to have a separate file for each month. Is this to be expected? Is this controlled by the NEMO namelist, or is it a default setting for the postprocessing scripts?



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Your XIOS is configured to produce monthly output in one file. You can add the split_freq = "1m" attribute to the file tag to break up the files monthly. Look in

/home/apm/roses/u-al390/app/nemo_cice/file/iodef.xml for the XIOS set up.

I think you add it like this (for each file — I've never done this)

<file id="file1" name_suffix="_grid_T" description="ocean T grid variables" split_freq="1m">


Not sure why your ocean output isn't moved yet.


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Hi Alex,

I think the T/U/V/W files have not been archived yet because they are needed for the next cycle. Please continue the run and see what happens at the end of the next cycle. The only caveat I would add is that if you are changing the configuration to split the grid files up into monthly I'm not sure whether the post-processing will cope ok with the first T/U/V/W files being 3months in one, so you may need to archive the first ones manually… and thereafter it should work as expected.


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Thanks, Grenville and Ros.

I changed my iodef.xml as Grenville suggested, but my runs both crashed in the restart cycle after the maintenance shutdown on Wednesday - I have raised a separate ticket on this.


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