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Problem creating branch

Reported by: charlie Owned by: ros
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I'm having a problem creating a branch - I'm wanting to create a branch from version 10.3, using newly created ticket number 3167, but get the error below when I do:

fcm branch-create -k 3167 mh_orb_v1 fcm:um.x@vn10.3

Why is it taking my username as Dragon17_[3~[3~[3charliewilliams, instead of just charliewilliams? Without giving too much information away, this is the beginning of my MOSRS password! So why is it becoming my username? I'm wondering if there is a problem with my login details, because every time I log into puma it asks me for my MOSRS password, as below:

Disk quotas for user charlie (uid 1055):

Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace

/dev/sdb3 1343980 2000000 2100000 91763 0 0

Met Office Science Repository Service password:
First time use: enter your password again
Subversion password cached Hello charliewilliams
Rosie password cached

Is this part of the problem?


charlie@puma:/home/charlie/branches/pacmedy_branch1> fcm branch-create -k 3167 mh_orb_v1 fcm:um.x@vn10.3
[info] Source: (13189)
[info] nedit: starting commit message editor…
UTF8 locale not supported.
Change summary:


Commit message is as follows:

#3167: Created /main/branches/dev/Dragon17_[3charliewilliams/vn10.3_mh_orb_v1 from /main/trunk@13189.

Create the branch?
Enter "y" or "n" (or just press <return> for "n") y
svn: E160005: Invalid control character '0x08' in path 'Dragon17_\010\010\010\010\010\010\010\010\010\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\010\010\010\010\010\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[C\033[3~\033[3~\033[3~\010\010\010\033[C\010\010\010\010\010\010\010j\010charliewillias\010ms/vn10.3_mh_orb_v1'
[FAIL] svn copy —file /tmp/60qnFn7nf5 —parents [3charliewilliams/vn10.3_mh_orb_v1 # rc=1

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Hi Charlie,

Your username is rather mangled in your ~/.subversion/servers file. If you fix it in there and try again it should work correctly.

As to why you are prompted for your MOSRS username when log into PUMA this is to cache your MOSRS password so that you can use the Rose/FCM commands which you set up on the training course, otherwise you would be prompted to enter your password loads of times/things wouldn't work.

If you are logging into PUMA and know you are not planning on using Rose/FCM then just hit return when prompted for your MOSRS password and it won't set up the caching for that login.


comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by charlie

Thanks very much Ros, I have no idea why my servers file was so garbled. Is that something I would have done by accident

I have now successfully created my branch, using the command line rather than the GUI.

I wasn't sure if I needed to create my branch from the main 10.3 trunk, as I did, or if it would have been better (or indeed possible) to have taken my branch from the one I was given and have been working with i.e.

In the end, I did the former i.e.

fcm branch-create -k 3167 mh_orb_v1 fcm:um.x@vn10.3

Was this correct? Presumably, if this has worked, I will need to copy the relevant files so that it matches the modified one in his branch?


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Looks like this is working - I'll close the ticket.


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