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problem copying suite

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I'm an external MonSOON user (userid: jozsk), Puma username: skakala, and I have the following issue:

I'm failing to manage to copy the suite

rosie copy puma-aa439

receiving the final error message

[FAIL] svn commit -q -m puma-aa440:\ new\ suite,\ a\ copy\ of\ puma-aa439/trunk@1149 /var/tmp/tmpc9JUcx/work # return-code=1, stderr=

[FAIL] svn: E170001: Commit failed (details follow):
[FAIL] svn: E170001: Authentication error from server: Username not found

Now I've been told by my colleague that in the lines of text that appear after I use the copy command on
@exmvrose I should have under "owner" my Puma username, not my MonSOON userid.
However in my case "owner" refers to the MonSOON userid. He suggested this could be the problem (?)

Could you please suggest what is the problem & solution?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hi Jozef,

You've not set up access to the PUMA suite repository correctly, however, is there a particular reason why you are using the suite repository on PUMA? It has been superceded by the MOSRS rosie-u repository and all suites should be moved over there if at all possible.

If you really do need to be using the PUMA suite repository, then let me know and I'll send you setup instructions and how to cache your credentials from Monsoon.

Also, could I request that you only send queries to either us or to the Monsoon team and not both otherwise we end up with 2 sets of people looking independently at the same query. Thanks.


comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by skakala

Hi Ros,

sorry for sending emails independently to MonSOON and you (I am still unfamiliar with how exactly the system works and just to maximise efficiency from my point of view I sent email to both of you).

Since my colleague created the PUMA suite repository, I think it would be just easiest if you could please send me set up instructions and how to do the caching.

If it's a serious problem and you want me to work only with MOSRS repositories I can contact the colleague and ask what he can do about it..


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Hi Jozef,

Instructions are currently available here:

Who are you working with? Is it Chris Thomas? If you let me know I can discuss things with them.


comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by skakala

Hi Ros,

yes, it's Chris Thomas. So I'll wait until you have a discussion with him? Or equivalently I can email him, but I'm sure you're much more qualified to discuss the relevant options.


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Hi Jozef,

No, it's ok, you can carry on using the PUMA repository for now and I'll start a discussion with Chris about future development and plan for migration to the MOSRS rosie-u repository.


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Ok, so Chris has said he is happy to move over to the MOSRS repository so you may wish to hold off/check with him before doing anything. Not sure whether he is going to move straight away or in the near future.

It is easy to copy suites from the puma repository directly into the MOSRS one, which you should be able to do without any further setup. E.g.

rosie copy puma-aa439 --prefix=u


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