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Errors when using OSTIA in the UM on Monsoon

Reported by: pliojop Owned by: um_support
Component: UM Model Keywords: OSTIA
Cc: Platform: Monsoon2
UM Version: 10.6



I am trying to run a Monsoon job, the UM with the nesting suite forced by OSTIA ancillaries. I downloaded the OSTIA data in netcdf form and converted to ancillary using xancil 0.57. Having checked the "use OSTIA" switch and pointed to my OSTIA directory (/projects/polar/jpope/OSTIA/daily), I attempt to run the suite u-ar605 (I have committed the job as it was set up when it crashed).

The stage on "Make Ancils Only" works fine. However, when I try to run the suite for a day, it crashes in the nested suite section labelled "<nested region>_um_surf_ostia" with the error message:

[error message]

<a href="http://fr1700/~opsrc/surf0/documentation/latest//SurfProg_OSTIA2NWP.html">SurfProg_OSTIA2NWP</a>
<span style="color: maroon">WARNING</span>
Cannot obtain value of OSTIA_MAX_SST_SEAICE
Setting to default value
<a href="http://fr1700/~opsrc/surf0/documentation/latest//SurfProg_OSTIA2NWP.html">SurfProg_OSTIA2NWP</a>
<span style="color: red">FATAL ERROR</span>
*FATAL ERROR WITH OSTIA FILE opening/reading fix *
*ERROR opening fieldsfile /projects/polar/jpope/OSTIA/daily/20151101T0000Z_ostia_seaice.anc
<span style="color: maroon">Error Summary: There has been 1 WARNING message.</span>
gc_abort (Processor 0):
*FATAL ERROR WITH OSTIA FILE opening/reading fix *

[FAIL] SurfScr_OSTIA2NWP # return-code=139
2017-11-01T17:11:32Z CRITICAL - Task job script received signal EXIT

[end error message]

I'm not sure how to resolve this issue, I have compared my ancillary files to those in the Nested Suite test job if you turn on Use OSTIA (/projects/cascade/hadsw/OSTIA), and they have the same shape, names etc.

There appears to be no real information for running with OSTIA, so I have turned to a ticket here. Is there an additional switch I need to change to enable OSTIA to work or is this an error due to my file build?

Many thanks


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I'm not sure what the question is — the file /projects/polar/jpope/OSTIA/daily/20151101T0000Z_ostia_seaice.anc does not exist. Is the question: why is the model looking for a file with this name?


comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by pliojop

Hi Grenville,

Yes, while I can see that I have missed the "T" from within my file naming (is this crucial?), I am unsure as to why it chooses to look for the T0000 file? My downloaded OSTIA data came as T1200Z. Is there a place to set which files the "Use OSTIA" switch then looks for?



comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by pliojop

Sorry Grenville, I can now see that it is almost certainly set in the cycle point?

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