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Difficulty generating timeseries in nesting suite

Reported by: nx902220 Owned by: willie
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Platform: Monsoon2 UM Version: 10.5

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I have taken a copy of Willie McGinty's suite u-ar466 which is called u-at199. In Willies version of the suite w timeseries are output in the 500 m, 100 m and 55 m nests. I am trying to output timeseries in the ukv and 300 m nests also. I have created new time profiles and domains, and included them in optional .conf files. When I run the suite the ukv.pp9 file which should contain the timeseries is empty.

Please can you help me with this?

Best wishes,


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Hi Lewis,

The UKV run is the thing that the optional configurations override. So the 100m STASH must be off for the UKV run i.e. not included. However, you have introduced new UKV STASH - this must therefore be included in the UKV run. So you don't need a 'ukv' package, but you do need to include that STASH item.


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Hi Willie,

Thanks for your help. I'm still having difficulties. I have documented my effort with the suite below: (comment 23 is since I created a ticket with you)

In short:

I turned UKV w timeseries stash on in the main table, deleted the optional rose-app-ukv.conf file and left the package section in the ukv w timeseries stash request blank.

It fails in outputting the W timeseries after the 60th time step in ukv_um_fcst. job.out:

GENERAL_GATHER_FIELD : Cannot have time series in async dumps using IOS
Return code was 1
Error message was GENERAL_GATHER_FIELD : timeseries field with IOS not allowed
Field number 150
Dimensions 63 x 1080
Grid type 1
Field was not written out


???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
? Error code: 300
? Error from routine: UM_WRITDUMP
? Error message: Failure to gather field
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 21

Please can you help with this?

Best wishes,


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