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river networks for JULES

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Can you try to run some experimental JULES runs with rivers enabled?

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A while back, Charlie Williams gave me the rivers sequencing file that Toby Marthews made, together with JULES namelists for rivers. I have passed these on to Omar Muller.

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Omar Muller has finished running a global JULES standalone model with the rivers enabled.

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His next step is to rerun but with added output variables: rflow and rrun.

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We note that the soil moisture in the rivers-turned-on run that Omar did on JASMIN differs from my original run for u-as052 (without rivers) by up to 1-3 mm of water in the soil for some of the deserts but only at the beginning of the 1979-2012 run. I suggested to him that the maybe the spin up was different for the rivers-turned-on run, compared to the no-rivers run. Omar has been investigating this.

He now asks the following question about the spinup files:

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 7:32 PM Omar V. Muller wrote:
Hi Patrick,

I do not understand something from your simulation in

We always set 35 spinup cycles. In your folder the spinup files go until
spin34. Then, I guess you restarted the spinup cycles to produce spin1
and spin2. Why spin2? 34+2=36 spinup cycles. I was hoping just one extra

In my case I have the first set until spin25, and then spin1 to spin10.


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Hi Omar

My conclusion right now is that my spinup#34 file was only partially written to disk, with 4.9GB instead of the usual 9.8GB.

So I restarted the run from the dump.spin34 file ( which should be starting at the beginning of the 34th year of spinup, and ran for 2 one-year spin-up cycles. So the spin1 file actually is the completed spin34 file, and the spin2 file actually is the spin35 file,

See the jules_initial and jules_spin namelists in:

This globeE2 suffix is supposed to mean that I ran the global version "E" of u-as052 a 2nd time (and later in globeE3, I ran it a 3rd time, to finish the run).

Does this help?

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