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UMUI on puma accumulates zombies

Reported by: iwi Owned by: jeff
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I see that when you use the submit button on puma, it leaves a number of zombie processes (ssh and scp). This is because it never does a wait for these processes. At a quick look, the relevant code is in function run_spawn in ssh_comm.tcl

I've never really used expect properly, but here's a little test script that demonstrates what I think should be a fix for this:

#!/usr/bin/env expect

set pid [spawn echo foo]
puts "launched proc $pid"

set out ""
expect {
  full_buffer {
      set out "${out}$expect_out(buffer)"
  eof {
     set out "${out}$expect_out(buffer)"

puts "Output is $out"

puts "Before wait:"
catch { system "ps -p $pid" }
puts "----"

wait $pid

puts "After wait:"
catch { system "ps -p $pid" }
puts "----"


spawn echo foo
launched proc 31628
Output is foo

Before wait:
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
31628 ?        00:00:00 echo <defunct>
After wait:
  PID TTY          TIME CMD

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Hi Alan

Thanks for the information, I'll look into it.


comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by jeff

Hi Alan

I've now put some wait commands in all versions of ssh_comm.tcl so hopefully it will stop creating zombies.


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