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Running nesting suite with dm_RUN_MODE=4 on ARCHER

Reported by: mbexgcd2 Owned by: um_support
Priority: normal Component: UM Model
Keywords: nesting suite Cc:
Platform: ARCHER UM Version: 10.9



I am attempting to run a version of the nesting suite on ARCHER (suite u-az250) using output from a driving model that has already been run (i.e. from start dumps and LBC creation files on disk, from an exiting LAM run). I have set the paths to 'dm_ic_file' and 'dm_lbc_files' in the 'Driving Model setup' panel in Rose, but when I come to run the job I encounter the following error from cylc:

[FAIL] cylc validate -v —strict u-az250 # return-code=1, stderr=
[FAIL] WARNING: deprecated items were automatically upgraded in 'suite definition':
[FAIL] ERROR, bad graph node format:
[FAIL] install_glm_lbcdata_000 ⇒ \
[FAIL] install_glm_lbcdata_001 ⇒ \
[FAIL] install_glm_lbcdata_002 ⇒ \

I have run a similar suite successfully on Monsoon (u-ay877), so I am wondering whether this is an ARCHER-specific problem. I've had a look in the suite.rc file, but I can't spot anything obvious that might explain the error message. Has anyone ran the nesting suite in this manner before on ARCHER?


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