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Short queue & transferred output files

Reported by: cbellisario Owned by: ros
Component: UM Model Keywords: short queue, output
Cc: Platform: NEXCS
UM Version: 11.0


Dear helpdesk,

I do have two -short- questions regarding the UM.

1- Is there a shorter short queue were it would be possible to test compiling/making the UM/5 days run. I am performing changes in the core model increasing the spectral dimension and as I would like to test the consistency of one change at the time, I would value having a really short queue.

2- Where the choice of the output to be transferred to JASMIN is performed? I was surprised to see the average output of 1 month data transferred to JASMIN whereas several files were still available on the NEXCS output folder.

Thank you for your help,

With best regards,


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Hi Christophe,

1) On NEXCS we only have the normal and long queues.

2) Everything that the UM is told to archive is transferred over to JASMIN. The archiving frequency of the dump/restart files is defined in postproc → Atmosphere → Archiving which you have set to seasonally. So every 3 months the dump file will be archived and transferred to JASMIN. The pp files are archived/transferred depending on the reinitialisation frequency - most of which are 90days (See UM→ nameless → model input/output → output streams). However, you also have Climate meaning switched on which means some files won't get archived/transferred until the end of a season/first year as they are need to calculate the seasonal & annual means.

Hope that helps.

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Dear Ros,

Thank you for your answers,

1) Therefore I guess the only thing I can do is to change suite confRun Initialisation and CyclingTotal Run length from 1 Month (Enough for Tests) to only 5 days so at least the run does not take too long.

2) Thanks for the advice, I will change the archiving for a monthly frequency so I can get most of the file when I make longer runs.

Best regards,


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Dear Ros,

Related to the first point, I changed in the configuration suite conf / Run Initialisation and Cycling the Total Run length to Other, giving P5D for a 5 days run. When Cylc is open, it properly says "running to stop at 19880905T2359Z. However, the model runs till the end of the month.

Is there another option to modify in order to insure a only 5 days run?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


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Hi Christophe,

No all you should need to do is change the total run length and then start a new run (ie. don't do a restart). If you let me have the suite id I can take a look.


comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by cbellisario

Dear Ros,

The involved suite are u-az687 and u-ba268.

Thank you,


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Hi Christophe,

You need to modify the cycle time to an appropriate value as well. It needs to be the same as or shorter than the run length.


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