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Error netCDF output

Reported by: MJohnston1 Owned by: jeff
Component: UM Model Keywords: netCDF
Cc: Platform: ARCHER
UM Version: 10.9


I've been working with netCDF output on previous simulations. I copied working simulations and changed to a significnatly larger domain size. I believe that this change has resulted in an output error that I'm not sure how to resolve.

I think the model then falls over when it wants to reinitialise the nc diagnostic streams.

I'm working with the suite u-ba584 at vn10.9 on ARCHER. The error that I get is:

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!       ERROR        ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
?  Error code: 101
?  Error from routine: NC_FILE_SYNC
?  Error message: NetCDF: HDF error
?  Error from processor: 0
?  Error number: 63

[0] exceptions: An non-exception application exit occured.
[0] exceptions: whilst in a serial region
[0] exceptions: Task had pid=9231 on host nid00014
[0] exceptions: Program is "/work/n02/n02/xb899100/cylc-run/u-ba584/share/fcm_make/build-atmos/bin/um-atmos.exe"
Warning in umPrintMgr: umPrintExceptionHandler : Handler Invoked
Rank 0 [Sat Aug 25 10:00:00 2018] [c0-0c0s3n2] application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 9) - process 0
_pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 00014] [c0-0c0s3n2] [Sat Aug 25 10:00:01 2018] PE RANK 0 exit signal Aborted
[NID 00014] 2018-08-25 11:00:01 Apid 31791008: initiated application termination
[FAIL] um-atmos # return-code=137
Received signal ERR

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It looks like you were over disk quota, although I couldn't find any error messages which said that. Your disk quota has now been increased from 500 Gibytes to 1500 Gibytes. I suggest starting your run again and see if this was the problem.

I did notice that the data in your output files was all missing data values so maybe something else is going wrong.


comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by MJohnston1

Thanks Jeff! I will give that a try to see what happens.


comment:3 Changed 2 years ago by MJohnston1

Hi Jeff,

It seems like that fixed the problem!

Thanks again!

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That's great

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