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upgrading to 7.0/7.1

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I have recently been running some jobs that I have converted from the standard UMUI jobs for LAMs. I've had some success, but I have since reviewed some of the material from the UM training day and it seems sensible that I should be working with the FCM system and version 7.0 or later of the UM considering I am at the beginning of my PhD and will most likely be using the UM for the next three years. Does this make sense? Is there any plan to provide a nested model standard job similar to the one for 6.1?

Thanks… Benjamin

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Hi Benjamin,

I am working on this very problem now. Currently, I have a MOGREPS-R control job (24km) running on HECToR at UM7.1 and will follow this with a "perturbed forecast" MOGREPS. I also aim to have a 12km NAE LAM run going in the near future. The 4km may also be possible at UM7.1 but I need to backtrack from a UM7.2 job to get this. As you say, these all use FCM.

However, you should not move to 7.1 just for the sake of it, but consider what benefit you will gain. UM6.1 will continue to be supported on HECToR.



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Hi Willie,

Thanks for the response. I am trying to work out exactly the best course of action. I am new to the UM so it seems sensible to learn how to use the FCM with ver7 instead of plugging away with 6.1 and at some point in the future realise that I would like to switch. I can see myself having to produce some modifications to the code at some point so it would seem sensible to go for the um7? Is there any information on the benefits of using the FCM instead of MODS and more generally on the code differences between um6 and um7?

On a related point, I have started running the FCM training. I have performed the set up process and made all the necessary changes to the job (xdhh). On submitting, the build process fails with the error:

Error: timed out, host not responding

It doesn't look like there is a problem contacting HECToR as in the ext.out file there seems to be some exchange of files before the error. Any thoughts?



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Hi Benjamin,

Regarding the error, just submit the job again until it works: it does this to me too.

The use of FCM and 7.1 brings two benefits: it is easier to develop code compared with the modset method and you benefit from recent bug fixes. It is not easy to compare UM6.1 and UM7.1 becuase there is a development of understanding that has gone on - different ways of using the model - as well as changes in the microphysics targeted towards improving the weather forecasting round the UK. In addition there are software development changes too. I am in the process of trying to understand the differences myself.

I hope that helps a bit.



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Hi Willie,

Thanks for the information, that's useful to know. I'll try a joint approach for the time being seeing as UM7 doesn't seem nearly as well developed as UM6 just yet and I need to be getting on with some case studies, but I will probably end up on UM7 eventually it seems. Could you let me know though when you have produced the 12km NAE LAM runs?

Thanks for your help, all the best


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