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Problems compiling GO6 suite

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I have made a copy of the GO6 suite u-ag051 on puma - my version is called u-be802.

When running this suite, two tasks fail:

  • fcm_make_ocean has a disk quota exceeded error:
    Broken pipe at /home/fcm/fcm-2017.10.0/bin/../lib/FCM/Util/TaskRunner.pm line 289.
    [FAIL] /home/cthomas/cylc-run/u-be802/share/fcm_make_ocean/.fcm-make/cache/extract/cice/0/cice: cannot create
    [FAIL] {'e' => 'svn: E000122: Can\'t write to file \'/home/cthomas/cylc-run/u-be802/share/fcm_make_ocean/.fcm-make/cache/extract/cice/0/cice/input_templates/gx1/svn-GRTk9Q\': Disk quota ex\
    [FAIL] ','rc' => 1,'o' => ''}
  • fcm_make_pp has the following output:
    [FAIL] config-file=/home/cthomas/cylc-run/u-be802/work/19760101T0000Z/fcm_make_pp/fcm-make.cfg:4
    [FAIL] config-file= - svn://puma/moci.xm_svn/main/branches/dev/rosalynhatcher/postproc_2.0_pp_with_rose_bunch/Postprocessing/fcm_make/postproc.cfg@HEAD
    [FAIL] svn://puma/moci.xm_svn/main/branches/dev/rosalynhatcher/postproc_2.0_pp_with_rose_bunch/Postprocessing/fcm_make/postproc.cfg@HEAD: cannot load config file
    [FAIL] svn://puma/moci.xm_svn/main/branches/dev/rosalynhatcher/postproc_2.0_pp_with_rose_bunch/Postprocessing/fcm_make/postproc.cfg@HEAD: not found
    [FAIL] svn: warning: W170000: URL 'svn://puma/moci.xm_svn/main/branches/dev/rosalynhatcher/postproc_2.0_pp_with_rose_bunch/Postprocessing/fcm_make/postproc.cfg' non-existent in revision 31\
    [FAIL] svn: E200009: Could not display info for all targets because some targets don't exist

For the first error could you please increase my disk quota on puma? Alternatively, can I use the scratch space to compile it?

For the second error I have set POSTPROC to false in rose-suite.conf, but I don't know if that's the best solution.


PS does it matter that I checked out revision 35017 instead of 28371, which is recommended here?

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Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delay, do you still need help with this?


comment:2 Changed 21 months ago by cthomas

Hi Ros,

No problem about the delay - that would be great, thanks! In particular, the disk space is probably the most important part.

comment:3 Changed 21 months ago by ros

Hi Chris,

Andy has increased your PUMA disk space and also created you a $SCRATCH space. So if you add export SCRATCH=/export/puma/data-01/cthomas to your ~/.profile on PUMA you can then use $SCRATCH space to compile the model by uncommenting the following line in the suite.rc file:

script = "rose task-run --verbose --define=fast-dest-root-orig=$SCRATCH --define='args=--archive --ignore-lock'"

Log out and back into PUMA to pick up the profile change before you run.

If you don't want to use postproc then switching it off by setting POSTPROC=false is fine.


comment:4 Changed 21 months ago by cthomas

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Hi Ros,

Thanks, that worked well!


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