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fluxnet headers

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Hello Patrick,

I have downloaded the fluxnet observation datasets (so I can compare them with my model output) from here:

As an example I have the directory 'fluxnet' in there, which has AT_Neu-met.dat file in it with 8 columns. The first row is:
265.05, 0, 218.687, 0.00187, 90957, 0, 1.49, 390.43

I want to find out what the column headers are:
In /home/users/azin/roses/u-bh383/app/jules/opt/rose-app-drive-AT_Neu.conf I find out that
there are 7 variables in AT_Neu-met.dat.


I was expecting 8 variables. How can I find out more about the column headers (e.g. their units) and why do I have 7 of them instead of 8?

All the best,


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Hi Azin
To figure out the units of the driving variables, first note that your file /home/users/azin/roses/u-bh383/app/jules/opt/rose-app-drive-AT_Neu.conf defines the settings for the jules_drive namelist of JULES. So then you can go to the JULES Userguide and search for jules_drive. You will then find this namelist described in http://jules-lsm.github.io/vn4.9/namelists/drive.nml.html .
In there, you can find out about the units.

I suspect that the 8th column of the FLUXNET driving data sets is an unused column. The values of the first 7 columns correspond to the values I would expect for the 7 variables: var='t','sw_down','lw_down','q','pstar','precip','wind'.

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Hello Patrick,

I am trying to find the headers for observed datasets located in :
/group_workspaces/jasmin2/jules/pmcguire/fluxnet/kwilliam/suite_data/vn1.0/lba_obs and also in …/fluxnet_obs.

1- In lba_obs directory, I have two types of files: carbon and energy.(e.g. BANday-carbon.dat and BANday-energy.dat). How do I find out about the headers?

2- In fluxnet_obs directory, I have one type of file : energy and carbon (e.g. AT_Neu-energyandcarbon-dailyUTC.dat). The headers are already there: YYYYMMDD_UTC, GPP, Reco, NEE, SH, LE. How can I find out more about them?

I have looked at the .conf, .rc and .py files and have not found the information yet.

Many thanks,


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Hello Patrick,

I think I have found where the headers are:
/group_workspaces/jasmin2/jules/pmcguire/fluxnet/kwilliam/suite_data/vn1.0/lba_obs/process_LBA_rose.ncl :

C_hdr = (/"Year_LBAMIP","DoY_LBAMIP","Hour_LBAMIP","NEE","NEEf","NEE_model", \


ncolC = dimsizes(C_hdr)

E_hdr = (/"Year_LBAMIP","DoY_LBAMIP","Hour_LBAMIP","FG","Leraw","LE","Hraw","H","Rn"/)
ncolE = dimsizes(E_hdr)

Where C_hdr refers to headers of [sitename, e.g BAN]day_carbon.dat and E_hdr refers to headers of [sitename, e.g BAN]day_energy.dat

All the best,


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Dear Azin:

Excellent! Nice work!

These variables are also listed in the fluxnet_evaluation.py program under daily_energy_file_headings daily_carbon_file_headings, for both the FLUXNET 2015 observations and differently for the LBA observations.

Some of the variables' units are redefined or recomputed in the fluxnet_evaluation.py program (in order to match the modelled output units from JULES) with commands like cube.units = or cube *=.

I found that some of the LBA variables' units are defined (for example for Re_5day_ust_Sco2_LUT) at:

Does this help?

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Hello Patrick,

Yes, it definitely helps. Thank you Very much!


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