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Please can you add my PhD student Sarah Shallcross (n02-chem (or n02-ncas)

Reported by: gmann Owned by: gmann
Component: UM Model Keywords: ukca,n02
Cc: SarahShallcross, ggxmy Platform: ARCHER
UM Version: 8.4


Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk,
cc: Sarah, Masaru

On Tuesday I emailed Grenville about adding my PhD student Sarah Shallcross
(PUMA username SarahShallcross?, ARCHER username sarahs93) to the
n02-chem sub-group within the ARCHER n02 consortium.

Sarah is running interactive stratospheric aerosol UM-UKCA simulations at v8.4 and
previously charged these to the N02-STRATROPAER account (which was set up originally
for two PhD students I supervise (Hana Pearce and Sarah), and Leeds PDRA Masaru Yoshioka.

This we renewed last year but Hana has submitted her PhD thesis and Sarah has completed
much of the v8.4 UM-UKCA simulations, the remaining model experiments will be relatively
modest in AU, so whereas I actually didn't submit the HPC-continuation, I though OK to charge
these (and also the v7.3-nitrate-UKCA runs Masaru still plans to run for his paper) these would
be OK to be charged to one of the general n02 accounts (n02-ncas or n02-chem).
And with there not being the renewal application at the last HPC, the account now has zero AUs

Please can you add Sarah to the n02-chem or n02-ncas sub-group of the n02 consortium.
(I'm 99% sure Masaru is already in n02-chem so he will already be OK here).

Note that Sarah's PhD studentship is aligned to NCAS, with agreement for her to have
the same access to NCAS training courses as the NCAS AQ PhD studentships (for example).

So whereas I requested in my email to Grenville to add Sarah to n02-chem sub-group,
on reflection, with her PhD aligned to NCAS, it's probably best to add her to n02-ncas instead.

I'm guessing maybe Grenville is away, which is why I'm re-sending the email to the NCAS Helpdesk.

Dr. Graham Mann

From: Graham Mann <G.W.Mann@…>
Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2019 at 17:11
To: 'Grenville Lister' <g.m.s.lister@…>
Cc: "Sarah Shallcross [gy11s2s]" <S.E.Shallcross1@…>
Subject: Please can you add Sarah Shallcross to the n02-chem ARCHER group

Hi Grenville,

Please can you add my PhD student Sarah Shallcross to the n02-chem group.

Previously we had a dedicated n02-STRATROPAER group for Sarah, Hana Pearce
and Masaru Yoshioka (see attached).

But Hana Pearce has completed her PhD now, and we planned most of Sarah’s and
Masaru Yoshioka’s runs to be on MONSOON rather than ARCHER.

However there are some limited simulations Sarah needs to run for her PhD on ARCHER.

I thought Sarah would also be in the n02-chem grouping (see below), but I guess
that’s not automatically the case.

Please can you add Sarah to the n02-chem group on ARCHER.

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards,


From: "Sarah Shallcross [gy11s2s]" <S.E.Shallcross1@…>
Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2019 at 16:33
To: Graham Mann <G.W.Mann@…>
Subject: Re: ARCHER kAUs = 0

Hi Graham,

I don't have access to n02-chem, I tried it just in case and it failed again because I don't have access.
It the allocated time up for the n02-STRATROPAER potentially?


From: Graham Mann
Sent: 23 April 2019 16:17:10
To: Sarah Shallcross [gy11s2s]
Subject: Re: ARCHER kAUs = 0

Hi Sarah

Charge to n02-chem instead.

Sent from my iPhone

On 23 Apr 2019, at 16:11, Sarah Shallcross [gy11s2s] <S.E.Shallcross1@…> wrote:
Hi Graham,

I thought I'd try running the 1 grid box model run in the background whilst doing something else and I think it's a good job I did, because it just failed because there is no n02-STRATOPAER budget left….!
I just logged onto ARCHER SAFE and it seems I have no kAUs on anything that I could use for any model runs.
My 'home' also seems to be at full capacity, even though I don't have 5GB of data in there (I also just removed some things to help with that, but it still seems to think it's full).

Do you know why this might be and/or whether I'll be able to get any kAUs?

Any help would be great!


Sarah Shallcross
Postgraduate Research Student
Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
School of Earth & Environment
University of Leeds, LS2 9JT

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