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JULES (with irrigation) variables for ILAMB for analysis of rivers and surface coupling strength

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I'm about to run (potentially) meaningful simulations with irrigation, so can you tell me which variables you might and we definitely need for future analysis and comparison with other, already existing simulations? For example, which variables are required for ILAMB analysis; which variables do you need for analysis of rivers and surface coupling strength.

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Hi Markus,

To keep TRIP going you need rrun, rflow, surf_roff, sub_surf_roff.
For the coupling we need ftl_gb, latent_heat, sensible_heat and smc_avail_top setting zsmc=1.0.

I think that would be interesting to save soil moisture for all layers. For instance, most observable products (from in-situ to satellites) measure the top few centimetres (5-10cm depth). Patrick, do you know how to save all layers? I only see smc_avail_top (100cm depth) and smc_avail_tot (300cm depth) among the options.

Good luck with the run!


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Hi Markus and Omar

To save all layers of soil moisture, you can use the smcl variable in JULES. I have Rose/Cylc suites for running JULES with exporting smcl and rivers info, and for running ILAMB when reading the multi-layer smcl variable.


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Hi Markus and Omar:
The suite u-bb422 is for JULES with TRIP and with outputting the smcl soil-moisture layers.
It uses a Medlyn stomatal-conductance branch from JULES 5.2, but can easily be changed back to Jacobs stomatal conductance.

The suite u-bb897 is for using ILAMB including the rivers output from JULES, with the top-most layer of the smcl soil-moisture layer (top 15cm, if I recall correctly).

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