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RDF NERC filling up

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As I can see RDF has been filling up quite quickly the past couple of weeks and there's less than 10 TB left there now. As I'm running 4 jobs at the same time, I estimate that I'll generate around 10TB worth of model output within the next few weeks, all archived on NERC RDF. I plan to copy those locally after my runs are finished.

At the same time I'm deleting dumps to save some space but I still think that the RDF will be filled up really soon so everybody's jobs will fall over.

Is there anyway you can increase the RDF disk space and if there's a quota on RDF, my user's allowance as well?


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comment:1 Changed 3 months ago by eeac

Hi Grenville,

Now I can see that there's less than 1.5 TB left on the RDF and I worry that my jobs as well as other people's jobs will fall over soon due to lack of space. Should I just stop my jobs?

Could you please advise what to do?


comment:2 Changed 3 months ago by eeac

Hi Grenville,

It appears that the 20TB added on RDF on Friday are just about used up. Now there's less than 1TB left.

My jobs are just about half done and even if I copy locally my output now, with the current RDF usage, the odds are there's not going to be enough space for any more model output to be archived.

Please advise how to proceed.


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