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FLUXNET suites u-ba137, u-ba137b; local suites

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Hi Patrick,

Do you remember suite u-ba137?

It was changed to u-ba137b so that I could switch the spin-up output on.

It's a developmental branch of Karina's original suite (u-al752) and we did all the modifications to it [sic on my desktop in Reading] [on JASMIN]. I cannot check-in u-ba137b because we only changed the plotting parts and the JULES part was the same.

Can you explain the origin of u-ba137?

Should I be using it now? I think I should check out a new suite that is using the latest version of JULES and run new experiments with phenology and triffid switched off and switched on.


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Hi Noel

If you want to check in u-ba137b ([which is a modified local copy of u-ba137]), you can :

1) use rosie go to create a new suite with a new number that is a copy of u-ba137.
2) Then you can change directory to the new suite number's directory
3) Then do a rm -r *

BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU DO THIS, to make sure you are in the right directory when you do this.

This should delete everything except the .svn subdirectory of the new suite's directory, which Rosie needs.

4) Then do a cp -pr ../u-ba137b .

This will copy all the contents of u-ba137b directory to the new suite's directory.

5) Do some checks like diff -r ../u-ba137b .

in order to make sure you changed everything correctly.

6) Do fcm ci for your new suite.

[In order to figure out the origins of u-ba137 and u-ba137b:]
What do you see when you change directory to the u-ba137 directory and then type fcm diff?
What about when you type fcm diff -r HEAD?
What do you see when you look at the *.info file in the u-ba137 directory? You should be able to see the parent suite that way.
What do you see when you change directory to roses and then type diff -r u-ba137 u-ba137b?

Please let me know if this helps.


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Hi Noel:
Did that help?
Can I close the ticket now?

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I am closing this ticket.

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