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fcm ci fails

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Hello Patrick,

I want to commit my FH_Std2. So I go to /home/users/azin/roses/FH_Std2, and type this command in: 'fcm ci'. Here is the response:
[ERROR] File(s) out of date:
M * 112511 app/jules/rose-app.conf
M * 112511 rose-suite.conf
M * 112511 suite.rc
[FAIL] FCM1::Cm::Abort: abort

Would you know how to commit this old suite?

All the best,


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Hi Azin:
Is this FH_Std2 suite a modified copy of the suite u-bh383? Or is it a modified copy of another suite?

If you want to commit changes to a modified copy of a suite, I suggest that you do this:

1) Make sure that u-bh383 is the original unmodified suite.

2) cd ~/roses

3) rosie copy u-bh383 This will have another ID number, which you cannot choose yourself, for example u-bn222. It is best if you make this copy before you start making changes to the suite, that is before you make the modified copy. But if you have already made the changes like you have for FH_Std2, then you can follow the following steps.

4) cd ~/roses/u-bn222

5) I suggest to keep a copy of the new rose-suite.info file because this file might be overwritten in the steps below: cp -p rose-suite.info ../rose-suite.info.u-bn222.orig

6) diff -r . ../FH_Std2

7) Inspect the results of step 6 in order to be sure where you made the changes.

FIRST WAY to try (you might get some practice doing it this way, and then maybe later try it the SECOND WAY starting at step 14, below):

8) You will see the names of the changed files when you do step 5 above, i.e.:

Only in ../FH_Std2/app/jules/file: NOAA_co2mmr_1980_2015.txt
diff -r app/jules/rose-app.conf ../FH_Std2/app/jules/rose-app.conf
diff -r rose-suite.conf  ../FH_Std2/rose-suite.conf
diff -r suite.rc  ../FH_Std2/suite.rc

8b) Look at the changes to your rose-suite.conf file and your suite.rc file and your app/jules/rose-app.conf file. Make sure these are the changes that you want to make.
9) cp -p ../FH_Std2/rose-suite.conf .
10) cp -p ../FH_Std2/suite.rc .
11) cp -p ../FH_Std2/app/jules/rose-app.conf app/jules/.
12) cp -p ../FH_Std2/app/jules/file/NOAA_co2mmr_1980_2015.txt app/jules/file/.
13) End of FIRST WAY, go to step 18, below

SECOND WAY to try (if you are brave or if you want to do it quickly):

14) cd ~/roses/u-bn222 if you're not already in this directory.
15) Very carefully type rm -rf * and make sure you're in the right directory when you do this. This will delete everything except for the dot files, e.g. in the ~/roses/u-bn222/.svn subdirectory.

16) cp -pr ~/roses/FH_Std2/* . This will copy all the files except the .svn files from the directory ~/roses/FH_Std2 to the directory ~/roses/u-bn222.

17) End of SECOND WAY, continue to step 18 below.


18) diff -r ../FH_Std2 . This compares the modified copy to the copy in the new u-bn222 suite. There shouldn't be any differences, except perhaps in the .svn/* files.

19) diff -r ../u-bh383 . This will show the differences between the original suite and the new u-bn222 suite.

20) You might want to diff ../rose-suite.info.u-bn222.orig rose-suite.info, and make small changes to rose-suite.info to more accurately reflect the heritage of the new suite, if you'd like.

21) Try fcm diff. You might see that you have an additional file in your new suite, so you might need to do fcm add app/jules/file/NOAA_co2mmr_1980_2015.txt

22) If you're happy that everything is right, then you can do the fcm ci for the new u-bn222 suite.

Does this help? Are the instructions clear and do they work for you?

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Hi Azin
Did that help?
Can I close the ticket now?

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Replying to pmcguire:

Hi Azin
Did that help?
Can I close the ticket now?

Hello Patrick,

Yes, thank you very much!


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