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Running forced ocean-ice on monsoon from puma

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On puma I copied u-ao063/trunk@45589 as starting version into new suite u-bk322

(Orig title: CORE2-forced GO6-GSI8.1 ocean-ice: EN4 initial cond, XIOS2 and CMIP6 diagnostics, GC3.1 sea ice settings + cice.x)

I made the following changes:
Set project: jmmp
Set owner: dschro
Under UM hosts set PROJECT_USER: jmmp
And under fcm_make_ocean set meta to /home/annette/repository/moci/r209_GO6_fcm_configs_test_path_exclude/rose-meta/nemo-cice-fcm-make/HEAD (I could not access original file)

I did setup sshAgent following this link http://cms.ncas.ac.uk/wiki/MonsoonSshAgent

Running the suite I get the following error message:
RosePopenError?: bash -ec H=$(rose\ host-selectf\ xcslr0);\echo\ $H return-code=1, stderr=[WARN] xclsr0: (ssh failed)
[FAIL] No hosts selected.

Is the selected suite form edblockley a good starting point and which settings are wrong?

Thank you very much,

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have you made any progress with this? Presumably you have run suites in the past which have worked; were these run from an xcs node or from PUMA? I think that running from the xcs node is what people tend to do.

On PUMA you also may have trouble with ssh as you have many agents running, and should really just have one. If you run ps -flu dschro you will see them all. If you want to run suites from PUMA and are struggling with ssh you could kill these, and start afresh. On the other hand, if you want to run things on Monsoon, maybe running from here is the way to go.

I'm sorry if this is a bit general, but let me know if I'm not understanding here.


comment:2 Changed 16 months ago by dschro

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your response.
I have not made any progress being on Sea Ice Workshop this and next week.
Just for clarification I have submitted jobs on archer from puma, but not on monsoon yet (only before 2015 using umui). I have never used xcs node. Would that be possible not working for the MetOffice?? Would you recommend to apply for xcs account?
I will delete agents job on puma. I think I always had to start a new agent for jasmin connections.
Any suggestions / support very welcome.
Also wondering this is correct choice:
And under fcm_make_ocean set meta to /home/annette/repository/moci/r209_GO6_fcm_configs_test_path_exclude/rose-meta/nemo-cice-fcm-make/HEAD???


comment:3 Changed 16 months ago by dcase

If first you get the machinery running, then you can look at the details of this particular suite afterwards. So if I were you, I'd log into the xcs nodes and check the suite out here (making the modifications that you are hoping to try). Once the suite starts running, we can see where it crashes (if it does).

To log in to Monsoon you will need an RSA key and an account. I don't know if you have these from your previous work, but Scientific_Partnerships@metoffice.gov.uk will be able to help, and the metoffice online documentation contains more details. Hopefully the account will be made before your course ends, if you need one.

As for the ssh agents on JASMIN, you can solve that at a later date as it's not essential at this stage.


comment:4 Changed 16 months ago by dschro

Yes, I have RSA key and account and setup my monsoon environment.
I can submit a suite from xcslc0. I am using now a different initial suite u-ay443/trunk@80354 to start with, copied it to u-bn349 and made a few changes regarding username, project and compute host. fcm_make_ocean and fcm_make_drivers script run successfully, but fcm_make2_ocean and fcm_make2_drivers failed:

{FAIL] no configuration specified or found

[FAIL] fcm make -C /home/d02/dschro/cylc-run/u-bn349/share/fcm_make_ocean -n 2 -j 6 # return-code=2
2019-10-02T12:49:21Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

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This is a common issue with 2 step builds on xcs see #2991 (search our helpdesk for more)


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Thanks. Running now. Ticket can be closed.

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