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Help with building XIOS (necessary for building NEMO ocean model) on ARCHER

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I am trying to build a version of the NEMO ocean model on ARCHER. To do this, I need to first build the XIOS library on ARCHER (I would like to use XIOS 2). There are quite a number of tutorials for doing this online (e.g. http://christopherbull.com.au/nemo/nemo-wed12-01/ ). However, none of them seem to work for me (see /work/n02/n02/nenb/XIOS_2/testjob.e6611431 for stack trace). Could you provide me with some instructions for how to build XIOS 2 on ARCHER please?

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Take a look at compile_xios.job in


I think you may need to tweak the arch component a bit in your set up.


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Thanks Grenville, this has solved my problem.

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Actually, quick question:

In ' /work/n02/n02/grenvill/XIOS2_study/xios-2.0/arch/arch-ifort_ARCHER.env ' , do you know why the NETCDF_LIB_DIR and HDF5_LIB_DIR variables are identical?


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Not sure - this may be a hold over from somewhere and/or a mistake. Are thy even used?


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I believe that they are necessary (e.g. see the discussion on the .env file here: https://nemo-related.readthedocs.io/en/latest/compilation_notes/nemo36.html).

XIOS seemed to compile okay when I specified the actual path of the HDF5 directory on ARCHER (environment variable ${HDF5_DIR} once the module 'cray-hdf5-parallel' has been loaded), rather than using the NetCDF4 path. This makes more sense to me, and so I think that this is the configuration that I will use going forward. Does this seem sensible to you?

Thanks for your help

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now I'm not sure how my build worked, but it sounds like you are in good shape.

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Thanks. I'll let you know if I ever find out whether the change makes much of a difference or not.

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