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error of missing partial sums

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Hi , I am having an error when running suite u-bm680 with the suite complaining in this way:

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/work/n02/n02/dflocco/cylc-run/u-bm680/share/data/History_Data/ensemble_0/bm680a_s1b'

I've had this problem before (ticket 2947), and last time when I deleted the cylc directory on archer it then run smoothly, but this time this is not happening. Last time there was no other reason for this error, so now I don't know how to proceed.

Could you help please?


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comment:1 Changed 18 months ago by xd904476

I have found another ticket with a similar problem (#2933) and I've set the value "create_means" in postproc/rose_suite.conf to false.

I've set the suite to run again and possibly tomorrow I should get to the same point as before, hopefully with no errors.
I'll update the ticket.

comment:2 Changed 18 months ago by xd904476

Hello again,
by setting create_means to false I got the suite to get over the previous step and now it stops when it does not find the folder archive_ready.
This folder is normally under History_data/NEMO_hist and History_data/CICE_hist, but in my case this would be wrong because my path contains the ENSEMBLE_NN bit in the path, therefore it should be History_Data/ensemble_NN/archive_ready.
in fact this is my error:

check_directory: Exiting - Directory does not exist:
[FAIL] Terminating PostProc?

The variable that sets this path is contained is called ModelDir? and is retrieved in the following .py files:

./share/fcm_make_pp/extract/pp/Postprocessing/unittests/test_atmos_base.py: return_value='ModelDir?'):
./share/fcm_make_pp/extract/pp/Postprocessing/unittests/test_nemocice_template.py: return_value='ModelDir?'):

./share/fcm_make_pptransfer/extract/pp/Postprocessing/unittests/test_atmos_base.py: return_value='ModelDir?'):

I would like to adjust the script in such a way that ModelDir? would contain the indication of the ensemble number, but I cannot find the place where I should be setting it. I'd like to adjust it in the main code rather than in every .py file, since that may cause extra problems in the automatic path retrieval of the suite.
Could you help pls?

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Hi Dani,

I assume this ticket was dealt with as part of another ticket or offline, so am closing.
If not please reopen.


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