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soil parameters

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Hello Patrick,

I need to know the soil parameters for FLUXNET sites in u-al752.
I go to : /home/users/azin/roses/AWBC4_Std/ancil/soil/
There are 3 directories there: from_CAPfracs, from_other_site_obs, and from_sitefracs. Would you know why we need 3 directories there and what the differences between the directories are?

To find out which directory I need to use, I looked up in :
/home/users/azin/roses/AWBC4_Std/app/jules/opt/rose-app-ancil-*.conf, where * is the name of the site, e.g. IT_Cpz.

Is my methodology correct for finding the soil parameters that JULES is using to run?

Many thanks,


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Hi Azin:
Yes, that is the correct methodology.

Each file in ~/roses/u-al752/jules/opt/ contains a filename that points to a settings file in one of these 3 subdirectories of ~/roses/u-al752/ancil/soil/: from_CAPfracs, from_other_site_obs, and from_sitefracs. For example, ~/roses/u-al752/jules/opt/rose-app-ancil-DK_ZaF.conf has as one of its settings: file='$CYLC_SUITE_RUN_DIR/ancil/soil/from_CAPfracs/DK_ZaF_soil_from_CAPfracs.dat', so that it points to the data in the from_CAPfracs directory. Karina W and Anna H have chosen which of the 3 options to use for each of the FLUXNET sites.

Here, CAP corresponds to the 'Central Ancillary Program', and it means that the soil parameters were computed in the standard way by the Central Ancillary Program. The Central Ancillary Program is the current program for generating ancillary data like for soils, orography, etc. The ANTS system is being developed to replace the CAP.

The other two options are used to override the standard CAP settings for the soil properties with possibly better values. The sites where Karina and Anna chose to use from_other_site_obs correspond to estimates of the soil properties for those sites that were made from other site observations. And I surmise that for the sites where they chose from_sitefracs, the derived soil properties are estimated by using the measured sand/silt/clay fractions for each site, and then using a (Cosby?) pedotransfer function to compute the soil properties. This could be similar to what Karina W et al did in appendix A4 of this paper:

Does this help?

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Hi Azin:
Do you have anything to add to this ticket? Does your methodology work?

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Hello Patrick,

Thank you. The methodology works and I don't think there is anything to add.

All the best,


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