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email status reports only when polled

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Hello CEDA Helpdesk
I have set up my suite u-bq532q on puma/ARCHER so that it sends emails to me when it submits a job, as well as when the job starts running etc. This is mostly working. I receive the emails just fine most of the time. But yesterday, the atmos-main task (2nd cycle) started processing/running at about 5:00PM GMT, and I did not receive an email message that this started. It would have been comforting to know, since the queue times have exceeded 45 hours this past week for a 24 hour job.

When I logged into ARCHER to check on it this morning, I saw that it had started running 17 hours previously. Then I logged into puma to check on the X cylc GUI with rose sgc. I think it showed that the job was still in the submitted state (the waiting in queue state). So I did a Poll, and it showed that it was actually running. Then I saw that an email was sent at 11:55AM GMT (the same time that I pressed the Poll) to me to say that the task had successfully started. This message should have been sent at 5:00PM GMT yesterday.

Is there anyway to fix things so that I don't have to log into puma to press Poll in order to receive the email status reports correctly?

Patrick McGuire

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Hi Patrick,

It just sounds like the GUI has got stuck which can happen from time to time. You can usually jolt it back into action by stopping and restarting the suite. Make sure to choose the "stop now restart will follow up on orphaned tasks" option so as not to disturb any currently running tasks.


comment:2 Changed 13 months ago by pmcguire

Thanks, Ros!
I was a bit reluctant to stop and restart the suite, since it was otherwise working fine, and I didn't want to risk anything.
But if it happens again and the polling doesn't help, then I will try your suggestion.
Since that one time when it hadn't sent the email message, I have NOT pressed 'Poll' again, and I have even logged in and out a couple of times, running the rose sgc during the log-ins. And I am receiving the email messages properly now, without interruption like a couple of days ago.
You are welcome to close this ticket if you'd like.

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Hi Ros
I haven't seen this problem again, so I will close the ticket.

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