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Hi CMS Helpdesk
I just had to retype a rather long comment to a ticket at the CMS Helpdesk, because I guess my session had timed-out and lost my login information. After I wrote the comment, it said that I didn't have permission to write the comment, so I think I pressed the back button to see what I had written in the comment, and possibly copy it to the clipboard. But my comment had disappeared, and I had to retype it again after logging in.
Do you have any suggestions besides always copying the comment to the clipboard before I press the 'add comment' button? Is there any way I can avoid such problems in the future?

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Hi Patrick,

Afraid not. That's just unfortunately how Trac works. If your browser logs you out then the page that you were typing in is not authorised/accessible so it can't remember it. Trac itself doesn't have a time limit on the login as far as I know; I've been logged in the last 3 days continuously.

I can only suggest if you think your connection is likely to die that you draft comments in another editor and paste in when you're ready.


comment:2 Changed 13 months ago by pmcguire

Hi Ros
Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.
How hard would it be to add the capability for the 'add comment' button or 'create ticket' button so that if somebody presses that button and they're not logged in, it asks first if the user wants to log in or if they want to copy their comment to the clipboard or something?
If it's super hard/impossible to do that, then I certainly understand, but if it's not too hard, then I think it could be worth it.

comment:3 Changed 13 months ago by ros

Hi Patrick,

This is Trac so not trivial at all. Even if it was it would be very difficult to maintain and unlikely get broken anyway when we upgrade Trac versions. It's possible it may be better when we move to a much newer Trac version later this year.


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