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add toggle option to hide Descriptions in #cms_helpdesk Slack channel?

Reported by: pmcguire Owned by: ros
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Hello CMS Helpdesk
Is there a way to configure the Trac-Bot or SLACK so that for the #cms_helpdesk channel, we can choose whether we see only the subject line (and not the Description) or not? For example, in the last entry, to have the option whether or not to only see: “help #3190: IS Lampos still valid ? [created by @markr] ” and not the additional Description? That way it could be easier to have a broad overview of all the active tickets by their subject lines without needing to scroll up and down in SLACK for ages. It would be great to be able to toggle this option, on the fly.
Patrick McGuire

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Hi Patrick,

The Slack - Trac integration is a 3rd-party app with very limited configuration options. It is purely a plugin to announce changes. The title & description fields are always sent as this is the whole point of the integration. There is no facility for toggling anything within Slack. That would be, assuming it was even possible, a feature request for the plugin authors.


comment:2 Changed 5 months ago by pmcguire

Thanks, Ros,
I will then try to request this feature from the plugin authors sometime.
Can I please be added to the cms-support email list? I can probably accomplish the same thing in my email client (of hiding the Descriptions).
Patrick McGuire

comment:3 Changed 5 months ago by ros

Yes, we'll ask Leeds to get you added.


comment:4 Changed 4 months ago by pmcguire

I just posted a feature request for this to the Slack - Trac Integation app author:
Any news from Leeds?

comment:5 Changed 4 months ago by ros

You have been added to the email list. Sorry it escaped my to-do list. :-(

comment:6 Changed 4 months ago by pmcguire

Thanks for doing that, Ros!
I am now receiving the emails.

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