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vegetation ancillaries

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Component: Land Surface Modelling Keywords: ancillaries, vegetation, land cover, JASMIN, resolution
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Hi Patrick, Markus

Just checking, the resolution of the PORCELAIN simulations is N216, is that right? Please could you point us to the location of the ancillary files on JASMIN that the suite uses so we can see the existing land cover map that is used at that resolution.

Thank you,


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Hi Becky
Yes. I ran them at N216.
The suites were not run on JASMIN, they were run on ARCHER.
But the suite for the Farquhar + acclimation run is checked in to the MOSRS archive as u-bq532.
If needed, Markus or I can transfer the ancillary files from ARCHER to JASMIN. I can do that myself in 2-3 hours, but maybe you already have ARCHER access and you can look up the path in u-bq532 and find the files yourself.

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for that. I’m afraid we don’t have access to ARCHER, if it’s possible to put the ancils on JASMIN that would be great (land cover, land mask and lat/lon file).

Many thanks,


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Markus and I confirmed that we are both using this version of the ancillaries, with the given path on ARCHER:

Markus transferred the files from ARCHER to JASMIN at this path:

Markus says that the UM doesn't use the jules_latlon namelist, though, so there's no lat/lon ancillary file.

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Hi Patrick, Markus

Yes, ok.

Just a quick question regarding the ancils, what is the file format, I am unfamiliar with UM files?!


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Hi Becky
It's the UM file format.
You can view the file with the xconv program.

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