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update JULES/FLUXNET suite to include new SoilGrids data and new pedotransfer function

Reported by: kwilliams Owned by: jules_support
Component: JULES Keywords: JULES, FLUXNET, SoilGrids, UM/HWSD, Cosby, Zhang & Schaap, ROSETTA3, pedotransfer function, PTF, van Genuchten, Brooks & Corey
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Hi Patrick:
Can you update the JULES/FLUXNET suite u-al752 to include options for the new soils data that you have been working on (SoilGrids instead of UM/HWSD mineral values, and Zhang & Schaap ROSETTA3 H1 LS VG PTF instead of Cosby et al. BC PTF)?

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Hi Karina
Yes, I will discuss that with the others, and probably we will do that.

comment:2 Changed 17 months ago by pmcguire

Hi Patrick,

I was thinking a bit more about the idea of testing your new soil ancil method in this suite, and I think it mainly boils down to five main changes, which I've described below.

If you did want to try this out, I'd suggest that we arrange a 2hour-ish skype call at some point, and I think we could get a branch working in that time.


1)This is the line that sets the filename to read in the high resolution sand/silt/clay/organic fractions from:
so you could switch this filename with your new filename. the code then selects the gridbox that covers the latitude,longitude of the site). Add a keyword argument to the get_cap_soil function to specify whether the original or new file gets used.

2)This line calls the function that calculates the JULES ancil parameters from sand/silt/clay/organic fractions to fil the "soil" object:
so you could replace it with a call to your new functions. Add a keyword argument to the get_cap_soil function to specify whether the original or new parameterisation gets used.

3) instead of looping over ['CAPfracs', 'sitefracs', 'other_site_obs'] here:
you'd want to loop over something like
['HWSDfracs_ClappHornbergerCosby', 'sitefracs_ClappHornbergerCosby', 'newfracs_ClappHornbergerCosby',
'HWSDfracs_newfunc', 'sitefracs_newfunc', 'newfracs_newfunc',
] to try all your new combinations.

4) replace lines 875-885 in with
folder2 = "ancil/soil/from_${SOIL_PARA_TYPE}"
soil_filename = site_id.replace('-', '_') + "_soil_from_${SOIL_PARA_TYPE}.dat"
soil_file = os.path.join('$CYLC_SUITE_RUN_DIR', folder2, soil_filename)
so that the type of soil properties was no longer hard-wired into the automaticlly generated namelists.

5)set SOIL_PARA_TYPE and the flag that switches to your new pedotransfer functions in suite.rc

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