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Submit multiple UMUI jobs on external HPC without requiring password for every job

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Hello, I recently started running UMUI jobs on a university HPC system with the new Puma security imposed. Our current submission script runs on the HPC system and works by copying over job files processed by the UMUI and then running commands there to submit the job. With the new Puma security, it seems that a password is required every time a job is submitted this way in order to copy the files. When trying to submit a couple of dozen jobs in one go, this is rather cumbersome. Is there a solution that doesn't require a password every time?

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There may be a way round this with ssh-multiplexing. We has a similar problem in reverse when ARCHER went 2FA. This s the solution we used to go from PUMA to ARCHER to avoid typing ARCHER passwords endlessly (you will need to set this up from your HPC to PUMA — I don't know if your HPC will support this of course)

in your PUMA or pumatest .ssh/config file, delete references to and then add:

User <your ARCHER username>
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/<your private key to ARCHER>
ControlMaster auto
ControlPath /tmp/ssh-socket-%r@%h-%p
ControlPersist yes

login to ARCHER (with passphrase and password).


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That didn't format as I'd hoped - all the text after in your PUMA… should be italic to indicate that it all refers to our solution and will need to be tweaked for your case.


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Thanks Grenville. I tried that but the last three options seemed to result in an error message. I'll follow up with the HPC admins.

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The HPC admins pointed out that removing the question marks might help, and then I don't get the error message. But I still need to enter my puma password to connect. Do you think this would be because of the settings on the HPC system?

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Hi Peter,

You should only need to enter your PUMA password for the first connection. Then subsequent ones use the master socket that is set up. This connection should persist for an amount of time (which will depend on system setups).


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The question marks were put in by some machine intelligence!


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Thanks both, it seems to be working now.


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