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KPP Standard suite/ starting point

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I am starting a new project, hoping to use the KPP ocean mixed layer coupling to a standard atmospheric suite (hopefully version 10 and above, GA7/7.1 (details dependent on what is possible with KPP)). The model will be n512 resolution, with specified sea ice and SSTs, run on ARCHER/ARCHER2.

I have been looking at where to find a relatively standard suite as a good starting point for this through all the documentation I could find online, I see there is a lot of suites set up with older version on the UMUI. I have briefly searched through the ‘KPP’ search on rose, and see there are a lot of experiments using the KPP settings (e.g first KPP suite u-aa176), as well as the KPP demo suite (e.g u-ab688) etc. Before I start experimenting with them, I thought it probably sensible to seek some suggestions.

Any suggestion on a good starting point or suite to look at, is welcome.
Thank you,

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Hi Holly,

There is some additional KPP documentation on github, including a list of standard Rose suites:

We haven't ported a KPP suite to Archer2 yet, although I have tested the code itself. If you pick a suite you like the look of, I can make an Archer2 version. (Even if you decide to run somwthing else later, it'd be good to have a useful starting point.)

Best wishes,


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Hi Annette,

Thank you for this. Suite u-bd818 looks like it would be the closest to what we are looking for, but I will have a little check and discuss with my PI.

I noticed a setting under KPP Resolution to switch from n216e to N768e, would it be possible for me to change to N512 easily?

That would be ideal, thank you.

Best wishes,

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Hi Holly,

I don't think the N768e setting actually does anything in this suite, as there are no optional configurations included to change the resolution.

There is some information on changing resolution for KPP here:

But it is not straightforward, and you will have to generate some ancillary files.

You will see in the notes that the ocean domain has been limited to N216, since KPP runs on a single node and so is limited by the available memory. There is more memory per node on Archer2, so it should be possible to run a larger domain (but we haven't tried this of course).

CMS are working on an MPI-parallel version of KPP which will run on multiple nodes and so avoid this problem. But this won't be ready for a few months at least.


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