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Change NEMO source codes for HadGEM-GC31-LL (N96ORCA1)

Reported by: Alcide.Zhao Owned by: um_support
Component: NEMO/CICE Keywords: NEMO; namelist; source code; HadGEM-GC31-LL; ORCA
Cc: Platform: NEXCS
UM Version: 10.7


Dear CMS help desk,

I am attempting to change the NEMO source code used for the CMIP6 piControl configuration within HadGEM-GC31-LL (N96ORCA1).

I have a rose suite: u-cc972.
I have made a local copy (/home/d04/alzha/fcm_src/nemo36_wishbone/) of the NEMO source code fcm:NEMO.xm/branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package@8638 according to what I found in Rose (fcm_meke_ocean —>NEMO sources —> nemo_sources).
I am confused to see that there is no ORCA1* under /NEMOGCM/CONFIG/, there are instead ORCA2_LIM, ORCA2_LIM3, ORCA2_LIM_CFC_C14b etc. So, which one is used by the piControl simulaiton? (

Basically, what I want to do is to change the NEMO namelist. So, which one should I edit? I think itss basically that I do not understand which ones of the namelist* file under /NEMOGCM/CONFIG/SHARED/ is used by the rose suite.
Potentilly, do I have to edit somewhere locally under my rose suite? and is there anything particular I need to do to make sure the suite reads the namelist I changed ?

I also want to change the xml file to output more diagnostics, and again there are so many *.xml files under /NEMOGCM/CONFIG/SHARED, and which one is used by the HadGEM-GC3.1-LL suite?

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Hi Alcide

The "2" in ORCA2 under NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ does not limit the configuration settings to the ORCA2 resolution.

Which NEMO namelist you wish to change - see for full details of NEMO. The NEMO code is constructed from components specified in nemo_path_incl.

See section 10 of the NEMO documentation for details of NEMO output and how to add new diagnostics. You should most likely add a field to NEMOGCM/CONFIG/SHARED/field_def.xml to register the new field and you will also need to change the iodef.xml file to write the data. I can't quite follow exactly what you want to do, but hopefully this will help.

You can always make a change and check that it follows through to your particular configuration.


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Hi Grenville,

Many thanks for pointing me to these places. I'd have a look.

I understand now that the HadGEM-GC3.1 configuration I use has the eORCA1 resolution.

Thanks to Matthew Couldrey, I now know that to add more namelists, one has to do it in …/<suite-id>/app/nemo_cice/rose-app.conf, in addiiton to change source codes.


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