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ksh version - AJM 93t+ 2010-02-02

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Does anyone have experience of this shell
ksh version - AJM 93t+ 2010-02-02 please?

I think it might explain why after one call to .getfile, the comilation SCRIPT exits rather than doing the series of getfile calls. Similarly after . allmods, I think

Adding an "echo done" line to the bottom of the scripts seems to resolve this, but I don't understand it or know if there sia better solution.

Guidance would be appreciated as this is blocking all UM use at rpesent on Eddie - which has been upgraded with new hardware. It;ll be good… when I can make the UM work on it…


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Hello Mike,

Jeff Cole told me last night that the new HECToR XT6 oprating system, currently under test will use this shell. Jeff has only just started testing this so you may have to wait a bit for information.


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Hi Mike

The ksh version on Hector XT6 isn't quite as new as yours (JM 93t+ 2009-12-18) and the problems I was having were a bit different. My jobs were failing in mkobjxref called from updscripts, it looks like your jobs don't even get that far. I also managed to "solve" the problem with a random extra shell command in a particular place in the script, this isn't really a satisfactory way of fixing the problem. A guy from Cray came up with using an alternative ksh (mksh), which seems to work better, all I needed to do was replace the first line in mkobjxref. I'm not sure how you would go about replacing ksh to solve your problem. What umui job do you have which shows this problem? If I run it I might be able come up with a way of using mksh to fix the problem. If you want to play around with mksh I have put a copy on eddie (/exports/home/v1jcole/bin/mksh). I think ksh93 is the biggest pile of I've ever come across.


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Thanks Jeff (and Lois)

I appreciate you giving us these thoughts, offers and the new ksh.

I do have HadCM3 working ok now…. although with that puzzle… I'm really loathe to ask for a new ksh to be installed.

So far I've needed to amend "just" allmods and getfile…. adding that trailing "echo"

I've not seen any problems since… we get identical results (the compiler is the same). So I hope this is an adequate test…?

As regards ksh - every operating system upgrade with a new or patched ksh has caused problems.

So I doubt its worth you spending significant time on this for us now unless you hit on an explanation for why the echoes work…. I guess they overwrite the exit status of a previous command that is deemed to fail. Next week I'll take another look. (Away next 2 days)


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