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broken website login

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The website login appears to be not working. I've noticed it while trying to access online tutorials page. After filling in the user name and password nothing happens.

Also, the login link on the helpdesk/um-training page seems to be broken.



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Hi Tomek,

The website login (from the UM Training Index Page Online UM Tutorials) works fine for me. You need to use the UM user login details (which I'll confirm by email). If you were using the correct login details can you let me know what Web Browser you are using and on what platform and I'll try and recreate the problem.

You could also try using the Login/Logout? button on the left hand menu and then see if you can access the UM tutorials, that works for me too.

Thanks for letting me about the broken link, I've removed it as it is superfluous.


comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by eartmt

Hi Ros,

Sorry for the noise. I used my PUMA login, I didn't realise I need another one. Especially that another link from the UMHepldesk page takes me to the tracker page where I use my PUMA login, so it felt only natural to use that one.

What confused me also was lack of any feedback on failed login. I just got the same login page again with no information on the failure.

Could you make the PUMA login work for the website access too, or add some information on what login details to use and how to obtain them?



comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by ros

Hi Tomek,

I thought the Tutorial Login page did state what details and how to obtain them, in the same way that the menu Login/Logout? does. But I see it is indeed missing so will fix that.

It certainly, also would be helpful if a failed login was reported. This is joomla functionality so I'll look through their documentation/support site and see if this can be rectified too.

Unfortunately, the Helpdesk and Website are completely separate software and store their respective login details in completely different ways. It may be possible to engineer them to use the same login details somehow, but I have no idea how easy or hard it would be to do. I agree it would be most ideal to have a common login. I'll add it to the wish list for investigation.

Thanks for you feedback.


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This ticket is being closed now.

Further to my comments above, I've updated the login page to indicate that it is the UM user details that are needed and where to get hold of them if a user doesn't have them.

I've applied a joomla fix so that any error messages on login are displayed to the screen rather than lost in the ether.

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