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12-hour and 6-hour means

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in my job xfulj I have tried to obstain 12hour means for some fields and in job xfulk 6hour means for the same fields. In order to achieve this, I set two time T12HR and T6HRMN which you can see in the STASH ATMOS panel. For the usage profile I have selected UPA. For the domain profile either DIAG or DIA11, depending whether the field is 2-dim ot 3-dim.

Now it happens that in the first case (12hour), I got what I want only for a few fields while all the remaining are empty, as if the their time means are not processed.

In the second case it's even worse, since the job fails because:


I have no idea about how to overtake these problems as it is the first time I use such short time means. What can I do?

Many thanks


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Sorry but I forgot to say the the UM version is 4.5 (FAMOUS). thanks

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Sorry for the delay in replying Salvatore.
Looking at your jobs in the UMUI and particularly the STASH panel and using the check diagnostics facility (cntl V) there are some errors which might explain why some of your diagnostics don't get output for your 12 means. Could you check them and investigate these and see if they correspond to your missing fields. If you can't see why they are not there then please get back to us.
This STASH error panel also tells you that you will run out of pp headers. To increase this you need a mod and there are several versions around. The two that I have found are
/work/n02/n02/hum/vn6.1/packages/HadGEM1_frozen/cp0.1/st_header20K.mf77 which although is for UM vn 6.1 should still be relevant for version 4.5.3.

I hope that this solves this problem.


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Dear Lois,
I'd like to ask you another thing about umui. In the same job I'd like to produce diferent kinds of means, like daily, 5-day, 10-day means which should end up up in different pp files. So I have to set different time profiles, and this is fine, but then for each of thos should I just set different usage profiles? For instance if for the daily means I've used UPA (pp files, pp output unit 60 for stream 0-9), for the 10-day means do I have to define another usage profile (e.g. UP1) with pp output unit 61, and so on for the other means?

Many thanks

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