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Time varying Vegetation set up in UMUI

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I'm testing some new vegetation ancillaries for HadGEM2 (hg6.6.3) and I got confused by the configuration to be set in the UMUI. I'm prescribing the vegetation distribution reading from an ancillary. In the ancillary there is the distribution of each of the 9 land classes updated every 10 years.
I'm not using the disturbance.

What's the right choice in the panel section 19 under "Atmosphere"→"Scientific parameters and sections"→"Section by section choices"?

I guess it should be "1A Fixed vegetation distribution", although I have a time varying distribution. Does the interactive vegetation only apply in case I'd use the vegetation disturbance?

The leaf phenology is still active even in case of non interactive vegetation?

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I'm still having problems related to the vegetation settings. I need to reconfigure a dump from a job with interactive vegetation to a job without. I set the "1A Fixed vegetation distribution" and I switch off the diagnostics related to TRIFFID in the STASH (TTRIFdyn time domain) since they are not available anymore.
The reconfiguration seems to work fine (no problems with the .astart file). The model runs but it generates corrupted dumps (the "U wind after time step", at the first hybrid level shows horizontal stripes of zeroes).

Am I doing wrong with the surface scheme?

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Hello Alessio

We need to investigate this as this area of the UM is not something we are familiar with!

More soon


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Hello Alessio
Just from my initial look through the UMUI and other version 6.6.3 jobs I am curious about the switch in the UMUI section 19
'bit comparable NRUN….'
and the warning on the help page
Note - this switch should be used with caution and only in cases where you have
the same TRIFFID timestep and equilibrium or dynamic settings as the run which
created the dump.
Did you have a reason for setting this switch? Have you tested this switch?

I think the most sensible thing we can do is to try to help you find someone in the Met Office who can advise you about time varying vegetation with 6.6.3.

More soon


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Hi Lois,

that switch was set ON already in the basis file I got from the MetOffice?, which was running with dynamic vegetation. I can try to ask about it.
The problem is that I'd like to run it without the interactive veg. When I use the fixed veg distribution, the NRUN switch becomes inactive. But probably I have to be careful if the dump was generated with the NRUN switch set to ON..

Thank you

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